You can improve your day and bring peace to your home – The Morning Thing 4/22/16

coffee and bible

We all deal with stress – on the job, with our relationships and in our homes.
The Morning Thing found some wonderful tips on how to improve our day.
Click HERE for some great tips on how to improve your day from the blogger “Hey Donna”.

We also found some wonderful advice for the home from
Lisa Jacobson shared 10 little things that can help you bring peace to your home. Click HERE to be inspired by this wonderful article.

The Morning Thing crew wants to get you ready for the weekend with their Fave 5. Here are their 5 favorite ways to relax after a long day (and an even longer week):
1. Drinking a cup of hot tea, cocoa or coffee (whichever one you like) and catching up on social media. Watching funny videos online can get you laughing and help relieve your stress.
2. Read! Spend some time doing devotions, grab a good book or read an inspiring blog (like this one!)
3. Listen to music. There is something wonderful that happens when you hear positive messages with a great melody. (Remember to take WNZR with you wherever you go, online at or find WNZR on the iTunes App Store, at Google Play or on the TuneIn Radio app.)
4. Take a nap! 30-40 minutes of resting can really help improve your attitude which will help improve your day.
5. Go outside. Take a walk. Enjoy nature. Soak up some sunshine. God gave us nature for a reason – we NEED it!

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