33 Things You Should Toss Out (for Your Own Good!)

Sometimes we forget to throw away the things in our house that don’t come with an expiration date. This morning we talked about 33 things that you should throw away for your own good. Some things on this list will definitely surprise you not only that you need to replace them occasionally, but also how short of a life they really have. Maybe this weekend would be the perfect time to go through all of your household items to keep you healthy and safe! To see all 33 things that you should throw away for your own good click HERE.
Thanks to Krazy Coupon Lady for our list.

Here are 5 things that surprised us! Power strips, Bleach, Lotions and moisturizers, Sunscreen, and Toothpaste.

The Morning Thing takes a look at Summer Reading

There is nothing quite like a good book. There’s just something about a compelling story that captures our hearts and imaginations. We could have a whole discussion about why that is and what God placed in us that makes us love a well-told story, but today we are focusing on introducing kids to reading and helping them develop strong reading skills.

First off, it’s important to note why reading is important. To see the multiple benefits that consistent reading has for kids, check out this information from Children’s Education Services.

As the school year is winding down, it’s the perfect time to think about how to encourage kids to read throughout the summer. Scholastic offers some great resources, giving kids interactive options to find new books and means to track their reading. You can find their summer reading options HERE. If you need suggestions for some of the best children’s books to get your kids started, Scholastic has that covered too. Take a look at their list of the Top 100 Children’s Books of all time HERE. There’s something for kids of all ages on this list- and maybe it will encourage us adults to crack open some books as well!

The Morning Thing celebrates Nurses!

Nurses Week wraps up today with a special celebration – International Nurses Day.

Click HERE for more information about this special day.

International Nurses Day has been created so that we can pay honor and tribute to all of the nurses around the world and the incredible work they do. It is crazy to think about a world without nurses. Who would be there to care for us when we’re not feeling well? Nurses bring so much to our lives, and the lives of the people that we love, and so it is only right that we have a day that honors them and recognizes all of their efforts!

We talked with Dr. Carol Dorough, Dean of the School of Nursing at Mount Vernon Nazarene University.
Click HERE to hear the full conversation.
Dr. Dorough shared why nursing is so important to our society. She also shared how the past year has impacted nurses and the nursing profession. She also give encouragement for nurses. Take a listen and share this conversation with the nurses in your life.

The Morning Thing shared some fun and unique ways to celebrate Nurses.

Click HERE for the full list.

Some of our favorite ways to recognize nurses include:

Thank You Bags

Hand out small gift bags to your nursing staff. Include a card, a small knick-knack, and maybe even a gift card. This is a good way to show a general sense of appreciation to your entire staff.

Highlight a Nurse

Each day, choose a nurse (or one from each area of the hospital) to highlight. Tell their story and accomplishments. Not only will this give the highlighted nurse the joy of being recognized publicly, but it could also inspire other staff.

Catered Lunch

People love free food, and your nurses are no different. If you can find a balance between food people love and healthier options, you will be golden.

Priority Parking

Executive staff and higher-ups tend to get the better parking spots, right? Well, what if for this week, those coveted spots are opened up to nurses? It might not seem like much, but it goes a long way!

National Nurses Week Decorations

Decorate appropriate areas with themed flyers and decorations to remind both staff and patients to appreciate their nurses. You might even be able to get the help of patient’s artwork to make it a fun and engaging area.

Healthy Snack Options

Stock the break room with fresh fruit and healthy food choices. If you normally have only unhealthy options (or worse: nothing), consider creating a healthy snack option for your nurses and other medical staff.

Offer Free Shoe Inserts

This one might sound weird at first, but since nurses are constantly on their feet, inserts could make or break their day.

Picture Wall

If you are allowed and/or given permission, take a photo of happy patients with their nurses and make a wall of photos. Keep the wall of photos up for a while so nurses, staff, and others can see the happy faces of nurses and patients.


Massages are the perfect way to relieve stress. A quick 20-minute massage during a break or before or after a shift can help improve posture, stress levels, and soreness from walking around all day.

Golf Day – Do’s & Don’ts and Why You Should Try Golf!

Today we celebrated Golf Day and Golf Month by sharing the do’s and don’ts in golf for beginners. Golf.com has a lot of tips for first time golfers like where to start golfing and how to improve your swing that you can read by clicking HERE.

We also shared how golfing with your spouse could be the best thing you have yet to try. Golf is a great time for some healthy competition and for companionship as you walk the course. Read about it by clicking HERE.

We hope these articles encourage you to get out on the range or course to test out your swing for a fun round of golf with your friends or maybe even your spouse.

The Morning Thing Friday Favorites – the WNZR Staff Members LOVE their Moms!

For our Friday Favorites this week, we focused on MOM!

The WNZR Summer Staff shared their favorite things about their Moms.
We encourage you to connect with your Mom this weekend.

Marcy Rinehart

Joe Rinehart

Wesley Boston

Catherine Haws

Alyssa Sidle

Zoe Bricker

Kelsi Brake

Jonathon Langdon

Words of Encouragement for MOM

The Morning Thing wrapped up “Mom’s Week” by sharing words of encouragement for Moms.

Click HERE to find encouragement for those weary, tiring days. Thanks to imom.com for being a fabulous resource for all of us walking this beautiful and challenging path of motherhood!

Here are prayers of encouragement that you can pray on those challenging days.

The Morning Thing is hosting Mom’s Week. We have some tips on how to copy with stress, plus some fun ways to celebrate the special day on Sunday.

Mom – are you feeling any stress? 🙂 We know that parenting is difficult. So, we shared 5 Smart Ways to Cope With Parenting Stress.

Click HERE to find some encouragement from imom.com

The problem: You can’t control things. The Tool: Flexibility

The problem: You feel like you’re failing. The Tool: A Mom Friend

The problem: You are ready to explode. The Tool: Your Go-To Calming Mechanism

The problem: You can’t juggle one more thing. The Tool: Perspective

The problem: Your kid screws up. The Tool: Appropriate Consequences

Click HERE to read the full article.

Maybe getting the perfect gift is causing you some stress for this Mother’s Day. No problem. We found a list of 15 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day even in the midst of a pandemic.
Click HERE for some gift ideas and activities to make this a special Mother’s Day.

10 wonderful Mother’s Day activity ideas during coronavirus

1. Share a lovely meal

2. Say hello from a distance

3. Enjoy nature together

4. Attend a virtual concert or show

5. Tour a museum, virtually

6. Relax with casual activities

7. Watch their favorite sports together

8. Bake or cook together

9. Relax with music

10. Read a book together

5 thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas

1. Send a heartfelt card or letter

2. Send flowers

3. Gift a device that makes video calling easy

4. Give gift cards for favorite services

5. Create a custom photo album, calendar, blanket, or puzzle

Click HERE to read the full article!

Hey Mom! What your kids say is proof that you are a good Mom!

Moms, do you ever question yourself? Do you wonder if you have done enough to raise your children to be good human beings? You are not alone. All mothers go through times of questioning and second-guessing their parenting ability.

The Morning Thing has GOOD news! There are 8 Things Kids Say That Prove You ARE a Great Mom!
Click HERE to see the list from imom.com

1. “That’s not fair.”

2. “I forgive you.”

3. “I messed up.”

4. “I didn’t know that.”

5. “My dream is to…”

6. “Everyone else is allowed to.”

7. “I feel bad.”

8. “I’m ready to try again.”

Click HERE to read the full article.

Mom – we want you to know that you ARE doing a great job! You are loved! You are appreciated! You are NOT alone.

Here is a special song for Moms. Grab a tissue and enjoy the message of “Slow Down” from Nichole Nordeman.

The Morning Thing kicks off “Moms Week”! Monday – Encouragement for all stages of motherhood

Today, we kicked off “Mom’s Week” on The Morning Thing. Each day this week, we will share encouragement for all types of Moms!

On Monday, we looked at the many stages of motherhood and shared advice for Moms with kids of any age.
Click HERE to read this encouraging article from Focus on the Family.

What stage are you in Mom? We hope you are encouraged today. We love and appreciate you MOM!

CHAPTER ONE – Prenatal, Birth, and the First Three Months

CHAPTER TWO – 3 Months – 3 Years

CHAPTER THREE – 4 Years – 8 Years

CHAPTER FOUR – 9 Years – 12 Years

CHAPTER FIVE – 13 Years – 18 Years

CHAPTER SIX – Eighteen Years and Older

April Spotlight on Mount Vernon with Mayor Matt Starr

WNZR talked with Mount Vernon Mayor, Matt Starr for our April Spotlight on Mount Vernon. We covered multiple topics this month including how to stay connected to all that is happening in our City.
Click HERE to hear the informative conversation.

Topics include:

  • Construction updates on numerous projects
    • Progress on North Main and Chestnut
    • Catherine Street and Oak Street project
    • Resurfacing of State Route 3 from Mount Vernon to the Ashland County Line
    • Progress at 5 Point with construction project
    • Ohio Department Of Transportation’s project for North Sandusky Street
  • Update of the Kokosing River Restoration Project
  • The position of a Community Advocate for the Mount Vernon Police Department
  • Update on the Mount Vernon Police Department and the fight against drugs in our community
  •  College Township Fire Contract
  • Update on the Mount Vernon Fire Department
  • Updates from City Council’s meeting on Monday, 4/26/21
  • Update on the homeless situation in Mount Vernon
  • Forget-Me-Not Municipal Memorial Fund and how this will help homeless residents of our city that pass away.
  • The Mount Vernon Neighborhood Watch Program
  • Update on new restaurants and businesses coming to town
  • Update on the events and activities happening for our community in May including details on the Memorial Day Parade and Activities
  • Update on the Hiawatha Waterpark and Pool
  • Events that are returning for Summer 2021 including fireworks for July 4th
  • Goals for the month of May and the projects starting next month
  • How residents can stay connected to what is happening at City Hall

Stay connected with Mount Vernon City Hall:

Website: www.mountvernonohio.org

Facebook: the city of Mount Vernon

Twitter: citymv1805

Podcast – Chat with Mayor Matt

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