Declutter your digital life – The Morning Thing 4/29/16


We all hate clutter – papers all over our desk, dishes in the sink, laundry on the floor, etc, etc. Have you ever thought about the digital clutter in your life? The truth is that digital clutter can be just as worse as having paper clutter everywhere.

We found a wonderful blog from Christina that can help us embrace the simple life.

Click HERE to see Christina’s 9 ways to declutter your digital life.

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Movies and spring cleaning – The Morning Thing 4/26/16

summer patio pic

Have you finished your spring cleaning? Have you cleaned outside the house? Now is a great time to tackle those home projects to get ready for the warm, summer outside activities. A little work now can help you prepare for summer fun!

Click HERE for 12 DIY Home Projects to tackle before spring ends.

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As we prepare for summer at our homes, theaters are preparing for a long list of summer blockbuster movie releases. Click HERE for a list of movie releases over the next few months.
The Morning Thing encourages parents to use this website for reviews on movies, TV shows, video games and books. You will receive a general overview plus details on both positive and negative content found in the entertainment.
You can also hear the Plugged In feature each weekday on WNZR – 7:45am on The Morning Thing and 4:20pm on The Afternoon Drive.


Anchored by veteran culture analyst Bob Waliszewski, each weekday will focus on one of the five big areas in the entertainment world.

Good media discernment is about guarding our eyes and hearts before we watch or listen as well as grappling with the entertainment we see or hear. Plugged In is the comprehensive guide dedicated to helping families make the most appropriate and well-informed decisions about movies, TV, music and much more.
Monday: Music
Tuesday: DVDs
Wednesday: Video Games & Apps
Thursday: TV
Friday: Movies

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It is Seniors Week on The Morning Thing

150625-WNZR Headshots 2015-11

Miriam Hayslett, WNZR Promotions Director

160126-Rachel Radcliff

Rachel Radcliff, WNZR DJ and Video Team Member

We kicked off Seniors Week today on The Morning Thing. As we prepare for MVNU’s graduation on Saturday (4/30), we are going to celebrate our graduating seniors from the WNZR Staff.

Today, we talked with Miriam Hayslett, WNZR Promotions Director and Rachel Radcliff, WNZR DJ and Video Team member.
Click HERE to hear Miriam share memories.
Click HERE to hear Rachel share memories.

Please pray for both ladies as they seek God’s direction for the future and continue the job search.

We also shared some FUN and EASY graduation party ideas. You don’t have to be a craft expert to try these. Click HERE and see how you can be creative for your graduate.

You can improve your day and bring peace to your home – The Morning Thing 4/22/16

coffee and bible

We all deal with stress – on the job, with our relationships and in our homes.
The Morning Thing found some wonderful tips on how to improve our day.
Click HERE for some great tips on how to improve your day from the blogger “Hey Donna”.

We also found some wonderful advice for the home from
Lisa Jacobson shared 10 little things that can help you bring peace to your home. Click HERE to be inspired by this wonderful article.

The Morning Thing crew wants to get you ready for the weekend with their Fave 5. Here are their 5 favorite ways to relax after a long day (and an even longer week):
1. Drinking a cup of hot tea, cocoa or coffee (whichever one you like) and catching up on social media. Watching funny videos online can get you laughing and help relieve your stress.
2. Read! Spend some time doing devotions, grab a good book or read an inspiring blog (like this one!)
3. Listen to music. There is something wonderful that happens when you hear positive messages with a great melody. (Remember to take WNZR with you wherever you go, online at or find WNZR on the iTunes App Store, at Google Play or on the TuneIn Radio app.)
4. Take a nap! 30-40 minutes of resting can really help improve your attitude which will help improve your day.
5. Go outside. Take a walk. Enjoy nature. Soak up some sunshine. God gave us nature for a reason – we NEED it!

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The Morning Thing Blog 4/21/16


Today on the Morning Thing, we shared some ways social media can be a blessing in your life! It seems like social media is always seen as a negative, but it can be used for being a positive light and encouraging people in your life that you love. Read more about it here!



Also on the show we talked about some ways to say no. Sometimes it’s one of the hardest words to say, because we don’t want to miss an opportunity to help someone or let anyone down. It’s important to know how much you can handle, and to kindly say no to some things from the beginning. Read about those here!

We want to thank you for listening to the Morning Thing! Tune in every weekday from 6am-9am!

Celebrating volunteers, fighting allergy season and balancing our calendars – The Morning Thing 4/20/16

Today, The Morning Thing talked about several very different topics.


(Pictures of the Big Blue Crew volunteering during 2016 Lifeline On The Road)

Today, 4/20, is Volunteer Recognition Day! 

Volunteer Recognition Day honors the legions of volunteers who dedicate themselves to causes and helping others. They are making big and small differences in the lives of millions of people all over the world. They are saving lives. They are improving lives and providing comfort. They assist people, animals, and nature.

Most volunteers do not ask for recognition. They just want to  help and to “give back” where they can. Click HERE to find out more about Volunteer Recognition Day.

Celebrate this “Volunteer Recognition Day by:

  • Thanking volunteers for their work
  • Getting involved yourself in a volunteer activity.
  • Donating to a volunteer group



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This is Allergy Season!  As it turns out, the pesky culprit triggering the stuffy nose and all of that sneezing might just be hiding in your home. Robin Wilson, TODAY lifestyle expert, recently shared 9 secret allergens that might be lurking in your home. Click HERE to see the list and find out how to get some relief for your allergy symptoms.


We also talked about balancing our calendars. Life can be overwhelming. Our schedules can become so full, that we fight to find balance for daily life. The website helped us take a look at some very important questions. Is my schedule really serving my needs? Am I making the most of my time? What am I doing that I shouldn’t be?  What am I doing that is adding stress but not adding value?  New York Times bestseller, Ruth Soukup, wrote a book called Unstuffed, declutter your home, mind and soul. Click HERE to see a list of 10 things you can take OFF your calendar!





Show kindness to others today – The Morning Thing 4/19/16

kindness bible verse

We all want to be polite, but did you know that your gestures are communicating for you? Today, we talked about how to show kindness to others.

Non-verbal communication is very powerful.
Click HERE for 21 Polite Gestures That Never Fail to Impress from

 We also believe that it is important to start teaching kids to be kind at a young age. We found a great website that give parents 100 acts of kindness to teach your kids. Check out this amazing list. Click HERE. These are wonderful ideas for families to try together from a fun website