It is National Boss’s Day!

Joe and Marcy with ice

Today is a day to honor the person in charge at your place of work – your Boss!

We often forget to thank our Bosses for their hard work and sacrifice. Take a few minutes today to share your appreciation to the Boss.

(from History of Boss’ Day
Boss’ Day was created by Patricia Bays Haroski in 1958, when she registered it with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce while working as a secretary at State Farm Insurance. The date she selected was her father’s birthday, due in no small part to the fact that she was working for him at the time. She felt that the work her father did was rarely recognized, and that employees rarely showed appreciation for these people who kept their workplaces moving smoothly. By 1979 it had grown popular enough that Hallmark Cards issued a Boss’ Day card to honor the holiday.

How to celebrate Boss’ Day
Celebrate Boss’ Day by giving them a nice card, or just stop in and let them know how much you appreciate what they do. If you realize that you don’t really know what their work consists of or what demands are placed on them, Boss’ Day can also be a good opportunity to learn exactly what they do each day to keep your workplace moving smoothly.

You can also celebrate your Boss with some simple, everyday actions that show your appreciation.
Check out these 5 ways to show your bosses that you appreciate them from Click HERE for the full article.

A few simple everyday actions will show your recognition and thanks:

1. Be on time

Boss appreciation begins with timeliness. From the time you arrive at your work station, be prepped and ready to go for a full work day.

2. Offer to help out

Whether you volunteer to cover the shift or workload of an absent employee, stay late or work overtime, offer to help out. Think about what is best for the company and offer your support.

3. Never say it’s not your job

Four words that a boss never wants to hear, “That’s not my job.” If your boss asks you to do something that is not your job, strongly consider doing it anyway. Then (with a smile on your face) say you’re happy to help out.

4. Always say thank you

We all learn this early on from our parents, but saying “thank you” will always matter, even in your professional life. If your boss commends you, gives you time off, lets it slide when you’re late or helps you out in any way, those two little words show a great appreciation.

5. Be direct

A boss likes it when employees are honest about work. If you have a question, concern or even a reasonable complaint, let your boss know in a professional manner. Schedule an appointment to speak with your boss and be clear and honest.

When you stop and think about everything your bosses have done, you realize that showing them appreciation is valuable. So, save the cake and presents and use courtesy to display your gratitude. This will ensure a healthy employer-employee relationship — and it’s free!



The Morning Thing celebrates World Egg Day!


Today is World Egg Day. The Morning Thing celebrated by sharing their favorite way to eat eggs. Enjoy The Morning Thing Fave 5!

Marcy Rinehart

Eddie Dilts

Daria Swisher

Trevor Moore

(and special guest co-host) Rachel Rinehart

(picture from

Fear and Fire Prevention, and Clergy Appreciation!

FPW20171920x1080 (1)

(picture from NFPA)

This morning on the show we talked about Fire Prevention Week, and how important it is! Here is a Home Safety Checklist that you and your family can use to stay prepared!


Smoke Alarms
□ There is one smoke alarm on every level of the
home and inside and outside each sleeping area.
□ Smoke alarms are tested and cleaned monthly.
□ Smoke alarm batteries are changed as needed.
□ Smoke alarms are less than 10 years old.
Cooking Safety
□ Cooking area is free from items that can catch fire.
□ Kitchen stove hood is clean and vented to the outside.
□ Pots are not left unattended on the stove.
Electrical & Appliance Safety
□ Electrical cords do not run under rugs.
□ Electrical cords are not frayed or cracked.
□ Circuit-protected, multi-prong adapters are used for
additional outlets.
□ Large and small appliances are plugged directly
into wall outlets.
□ Clothes dryer lint filter and venting system are
Candle Safety
□ Candles are in sturdy fire-proof containers that
won’t be tipped over.
□ All candles are extinguished before going to bed or
leaving the room.
□ Children and pets are never left unattended with
Carbon Monoxide Alarms
□ Carbon monoxide alarms are located on each level
of the home.
□ Carbon monoxide alarms are less than 7 years old.
Heating Safety
□ Chimney and furnace are cleaned and
inspected yearly.
□ Furniture and other items that can catch fire
are at least 3 feet from fireplaces, wall heaters,
baseboards, and space heaters.
□ Fireplace and barbecue ashes are placed outdoors
in a covered metal container at least 3 feet from
anything that can catch fire.
□ Extension cords are never used with space heaters.
□ Heaters are approved by a national testing laboratory
and have tip-over shut-off function.
Home Escape Plan
□ Have two ways out of each room.
□ Know to crawl low to the floor when escaping to
avoid toxic smoke.
□ Know that once you’re out, stay out.
□ Know where to meet after the escape.
□ Meeting place should be near the front of your
home, so firefighters know you are out.
□ Practice your fire escape plan


The Mount Vernon Fire Department will hold an open house tonight from 4 until 7 at the fire house, 200 West Gambier Street in Mount Vernon.

Residents can meet Fire Chief Chad Christopher, plus the Fire Prevention Officer, Emergency Medical Services Coordinator, and of course, the fire fighters.  The department will offer safety talks and valuable safety information handouts, tours and demonstrations.  Kids can enjoy special handouts, a bounce house, bicycle safety information and balloons.

Attendees can enter a drawing to win free home fire equipment, while kids can enter a drawing for a new bike!


Today is Face Your Fears day, and we shared some awesome Bible verses about Fear. Check them out here!


Clergy Appreciation Month is here! Send your pastor to breakfast!

WNZR wants to help YOU honor your pastor during October! It’s Clergy Appreciation Month. Go online to for details on how you can nominate your pastor for a wonderful prize package.
Plus, WNZR is partnering with MVNU Church Relations and the Knox Network of Christian Ministries for a Clergy Appreciation Prayer Breakfast!
The breakfast will be held on Saturday, October 21st from 8:30am to 10:30am in Foster Hall (inside Ariel Arena) at Mount Vernon Nazarene University.
Our goal is to have pastors and their spouses come to an event where there is good food, a chance to connect with other pastors and a time praying for each other’s ministries. Tickets are $14.00 per person. The ticket will include the “Country Breakfast Buffet” from Pioneer Food Service. The buffet will include Scrambled Eggs with Cheddar Cheese, Sliced Seasonal Fresh Fruit, Pancakes, Crispy Bacon and Sliced Ham, Fresh Baked Biscuits with Country Gravy, Home Fried Potatoes, Cheese Grits, Breakfast Pastries, Coffee, Tea and Orange Juice.

The program will include a special welcome and prayer from Rev. Roger Tickle from Grace Community Church and the Knox Network of Christian Ministries. Special music will be provided by a trio of MVNU Students – Lilly Buckley, Richie Johns and Rachel Rinehart. Joe Rinehart from WNZR will share an encouraging message for pastors and their families. Plus, we’ll have door prizes and a special gift for each pastor!
We want YOU to buy a ticket for your pastor and their spouse. Tickets are on sale NOW at the WNZR studios on the MVNU Campus.
What a wonderful way to show your appreciation with a kind note and tickets to a prayer breakfast! The deadline to purchase tickets is THIS Friday, 10/13 at 6pm.
So don’t delay, buy 2 tickets today and say THANK YOU to your pastor.

Call 740-392-9090 if you have any questions.
Celebrate your pastor during Clergy Appreciation Month with WNZR!


Meet the Team – MVNU Cross Country


WNZR’s Meet the Team feature shines the spotlight on the Cross Country teams from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. WNZR’s Dan Monnin talked with head coach, Chip Wilson. Click HERE to hear their conversation.

Click HERE to see the season’s schedule for the Men’s Cross Country team.

Click HERE to see the season’t schedule for the Women’s Cross Country team.


Join WNZR TOMORROW for the Starting Point Walk

starting point walk 2016-01

If you could walk and make an impact that will last for generations…would you?

Here’s your chance – join WNZR and support Starting Point in their annual fundraising WALK. You can become a registered walker or sponsor the WNZR Team.The WALK will take place on TOMORROW morning October 7th at Starting Point’s 11 Woodlake Trail location in Mount Vernon. Registration is at 9:30.

We had the chance to chat with a few people from Starting Point about the importance of the WALK and how the community can support the organization. We also talked about the remodel and how we can specifically pray for the ministry.

Executive Director Kassandra Baker
Marketing Director Lauren Kuhn
Project Manager Jamie Parry
Client Service Director Diana Wetzel
Development Director Diane Henwood

Starting Point serves an average of 350-400 women and men each year with their confidential services. These visits provide a tremendous outreach opportunity within our community. Congratulations to the ministry for celebrating 28 years of serving our community.


The Morning Thing Fave 5 – our favorite dog breed!


dsc_01742This month is special. WNZR hosts DOGtoberfest! To gear up, the WNZR staff shared their favorite dog breed for this week’s Morning Thing Fave 5.


Marcy Rinehart

Daria Swisher

Eddie Dilts

Trevor Moore

James Hubbard


A DOGtoberfest costume parade will take place today at 6:30 p.m. The parade will startat Big Blue (located in front of the public square), travel around the square, go down South Main Street and travel back up Main, ending at the square. Each dog and owner will be announced at the corner of South Main and Gambier Street. Pre-registration is from 6 – 6:30 p.m. at Big Blue (located in front of the public square).

Plus, don’t forget to stop by Big Blue and register yourself and your dog to win a prize basket!

October Presidential Update – Dr. Henry Spaulding


Today on The Morning Thing we featured MVNU’s President, Dr. Henry Spaulding, for his October Presidential Update.

Dr. Spaulding talked about changes coming to MVNU and gave us an update on the progress of the engineering building downtown. He also explained the vision and purpose behind the athletic departments’ initiative, #MVNUnited. Listen in to hear how we can support and pray for him and the University.

For our full conversation, click HERE!