Celebrating the Life of Dr. King

This morning on the show we celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The history of MLK day can be found HERE. You will also find out how to celebrate this day and make it “a day on” not a “day off.”

Dr. King is also know for his wisdom, speeches, and his great quotes. In the 8 o’clock hour we shared just a few of his great quotes. For the full list of his quotes click HERE.

The Morning Thing joins Knox Starting Point to celebrate the Sanctity of Human Life Month

WNZR’s Wesley Boston talked with Diana Wetzel, Executive Director for Knox Starting Point.
They talked about the importance of Sanctity of Human Life Month.
Diana shared how Starting Point is recognizing and celebrating this special month.
She also shared about their new virtual healing journey for those suffering from reproductive loss.

Click HERE to hear their conversation.
Click HERE to start your virtual healing journey.

You can find out more at www.knoxstartingpoint.com

Think you’re pregnant?
Facing a difficult decision?
Text or Call 740-393-0370

SOHL website photos (15).png

Starting Point is a safe, non-judgmental place to receive accurate information, prenatal services, licensed counseling, and material resources for needs related to sexuality, unexpected pregnancy, family life and reproductive loss.
All services and materials are free to you!

A new year is a great time to start a new tradition for your family – family devotions.

On Monday’s show, we shared a simple way to start family devotions.

Three tips to help you succeed (from Focus on the Family):

Set a reasonable goal – Once a week do something active to teach a spiritual truth. The kids will have fun — and their enthusiasm will fuel you to keep going.

Keep the tie-in time short – Great family devotions get one nugget of truth across after the activity. One. This shouldn’t take more than five minutes. Your kids won’t have time to get bored — and will remember the application. This will fire you up to prepare the next lesson.

With multiple age groups, focus on the older kids – If you bring the level of your devotions down to your youngest, your oldest will think family devotions are only for younger kids. They’ll check out, and you may not get them back for the balance of that devotion — or for future ones. Remember, you’ve got less years to impact your older kids, and likely they’re closer to the bigger dangers. As long as you keep the older kids actively engaged, you’ll find leading family devotions makes a difference, even with your younger kids, and you won’t be tempted to quit.

Click HERE to read the entire article from Focus on the Family, including some great resources for every age group in your family.

We also talked about how to do “devotions on the GO”.  
Click HERE to learn more.

Click HERE to access 52 free devotions for your family from Focus on the Family.

Picture from focusonthefamily.com

The Morning Thing Friday Favorites – we celebrate 2020!

This week for our Friday Favorites, The Morning Thing hosts shared their favorite things from 2020.

We hope you can look back on the many ways God continued to bless you this past year.

We also pray for a healthy and happy 2021 for you and your family!

Marcy Rinehart

Hunter Sutyak

Wesley Boston

Alyssa Sidle

January MVNU Presidential Update with Dr. Henry Spaulding

WNZR’s Wesley Boston talked with MVNU President, Dr. Henry Spaulding for the January Presidential Update.

Click HERE to hear their conversation.

Dr. Spaulding shared an update from MVNU including these topics:

– Goals for the University in the new year

– MVNU’s plan for the spring semester regarding COVID-19

– Testing and Vaccination of staff and students

– Changes to the spring calendar

– Plans for spring athletic events

– Upcoming Projects

– Special messages for students, faculty, and staff

To stay up to date with MVNU, go to – https://www.mvnu.edu/news

WNZR’s December Spotlight on Mount Vernon

WNZR’s Marcy Rinehart talked with Mount Vernon Mayor Matt Starr for our monthly feature – “Spotlight on Mount Vernon”.

Click HERE to hear the conversation.

Topics included:

– Construction Updates

– The Muskingum Watershed Grant

– The Plan to Increase Wastewater Monthly Bills

– The Strategic Plan Survey

– Goals for 2021

– Christmas!

Stay connected with what is happening in Mount Vernon on the City’s website, http://www.mountvernonohio.org

On Facebook at “the city of Mount Vernon Ohio”

On Facebook at “the city of Mount Vernon Ohio”

The Morning Thing hosts a special Friday Favorites show with Christmas Music

This week for our Friday Favorites, we hosted a full show of favorite Christmas songs.

In our Christmas Music Survey, participants were asked to share their favorite Christmas Song and why it was so meaningful to them.
On Friday, we shared 3 full hours of incredible songs and stories.
Check out the list below of the stories of how these powerful songs are having an impact on many lives.

Marcy Rinehart shared her favorite Christmas Song – “Labor of Love” by Jill Phillips and Andrew Petersen.
Click HERE to hear why this song is important to Marcy.

Hunter Sutyak shared his favorite Christmas Song – “How Many Kings” by Downhere.
Click HERE to hear why this song is important to Hunter.

Darcy Blankenhorn’s meaningful Christmas song:
Silent Night. My grandfather, who was a 1st generation American, sang it to me in German. The year was ~ 1956 or 57 and my grandparents lived in an upstairs apartment , which was very small and sparsely furnished but he had a rocking chair which he sat in the tiny “sitting room” and he rocked me and sang that song to me in German…precious memory.

Karen Bush’s meaningful Christmas song:
My Mom’s favorite was Brenda Lee’s Rocking around the Christmas tree. I can still here her singing it every time I hear it.

Laurie Garcia’s meaningful Christmas song:
Silent Night. My grandmother (on my mom’s side) would always sing it in German at Christmas. Her grandparents came from Germany. It brings back wonderful memories for me. I sang it at church once for a Christmas special they did.

Jane Mikulec’s meaningful Christmas song:
My daughters and I enjoy singing to Christmas songs while driving in the car when shopping together after Thanksgiving. We enjoy all of them but especially enjoy those sung by Amy Grant.

Tracy Chaney’s meaningful Christmas song:
The Christmas Shoes! I didn’t have very nice Christmas’s growing up. I remember one Christmas we didn’t get any presents. Usually we had an Aunt that seemed to always come over every Christmas and bring us something! I love giving gifts now because I know how it felt not to have anything at Christmas. This song touches my heart!

Karen Batten’s meaningful Christmas song:
Gene Autry “Rudolph” We had an album by Gene that dad would play when we were growing up.

Candace Gillespie’s meaningful Christmas song:
Walking in a Winter Wonderland. My children would sing walking my winter underwear, and just laugh and laugh . Now their in their mid 30s and my grandchildren sing it.

Teresa Smith’s meaningful Christmas song:
I just love the Older Christmas Songs Religious and Nonreligious it reminds me of my childhood a happier more peaceful time.

Lydia King’s meaningful Christmas song:
Micah #5. It is such a fun energetic song!

Becky Davis’ meaningful Christmas song:
Mary Did You Know holds very special meaning to my family. It was my Dad’s favorite Christmas song, and we lost him to cancer a couple weeks before Christmas last year. A close friend of our family always sings it for their church at Christmas time, and she came to sing it for Dad at his home a few days before he passed. It was a very special moment.

Lee Bjornsen’s meaningful Christmas song:
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day by Casting Crowns. There is just something so moving between the arrangement and the words of hope in Christ that speak to me especially in such uncertain and troubling world events.

Heather Lanzer’s meaningful Christmas song:
O Holy Night-every time I hear that song I think of my grandma, that was her favorite song and it makes me smile to think of her. She made Christmas special for our family and there were many special memories made there.

Nancy Sponseller’s meaningful Christmas song:
Amy Grant’s Christmas songs always bring back childhood memories. We had the cassette tape and would play it while decorating the tree or on our way to Christmas Eve service at church.

Kristin Kanagy’s meaningful Christmas song:
Joy to the world. because my daughter’s name is joy.

Luke Mickley’s meaningful Christmas song:
My favorite is Jingle Bell Rock off of my favorite Christmas movie Home Alone.

Elizabeth Barrett’s meaningful song:
O Holy Night – the lyrics are so powerful and really capture the miracle of a Christmas and the hope and peace we can all have because of it. As a musician, it is also my favorite song to sing.

Cheryl Benson’s meaningful Christmas song:
I really enjoy “O Come all Ye Faithful.” While singing it one year, I started thinking of it as an invitation & response. The invitation to Come is offered verse by verse to the angels, the shepherds, everyone. Their excited response is, “Let us adore Him!” Then that group passes the invitation on to the next group to whom the invitation is extended. It’s a reminder to me to be excited about the marvel of Christ with us and also to enthusiastically extend the invitation to others.

Krista Castro’s meaningful Christmas song:
Mary did you know. I remember is being one of my moms favorite songs. And she passed away 13 years ago but when I hear that song I always think of her.

Alan Hamman’s meaningful Christmas song:
All of the instrumentals used in the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Every year we would watch Charlie Brown, for Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The greatest holiday specials out there.

Daniel Skrzypchak’s meaningful Christmas song:
White Christmas by Bing Crosby because the movie White Christmas was my grandma’s favorite so every December my family would go to a sing-along showing of White Christmas at the Music Box Theater in Chicago with my grandma. She passed away 9 years ago but we have still gone every year and in the recent few years we have gone on Christmas Eve. The song reminds me of her.

Alyssa Sidle’s meaningful Christmas song:
Greatest Story Ever Told – 4Him. My Dad used to play it during Christmas and has become a family favorite to listen to during the holiday season. It really hits on how important and amazing the Christmas story is. Christ, the savior, is born and that’s a big deal! It really is the greatest story ever told.

Catherine Haws’ meaningful Christmas song:
My favorite Christmas song is “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”. I would act out the song as a kid, draw pictures of it, and whenever it comes on, I crank it to sing loudly along.

Thanks for giving to Food For The Hungry!

We are celebrating an amazing 2020 Food For The Hungry Drive.
Our current total is $332,084.84 and 15.3 truckloads of food!
WNZR’s Alyssa Sidle talked with some of our volunteers and staff after wrapping up a historic day.

Click HERE to hear the thankful conversation.

Community members came together again this year to support food assistance projects and provide emergency client services through Interchurch Social Services, The Salvation Army and other food assistance organizations of Knox County.

Volunteers staffed 13 different collection points around the county on Friday 12/11 to collect food and money, while local media combined to produce an eight-hour live broadcast on radio and the internet.
Thanks to KAT (Knox Area Transit), Susie Simpson and Martin McAvoy and their team from Mobility Management for helping at the county-wide collection points.
A special thanks to Megan Evans for creating and overseeing our COVID-19 Plan and serving as our Official Compliance Officer. Thanks to Megan and her team at the Knox Memorial for their amazing support!

Food For The Hungry also announced the awarding of 20 grants, totaling $27,500 to county projects involving food assistance.

Grants of $2,000 went to:
ACTS Food Pantry
Covenant Church Food Pantry
Central Christian Church Food Pantry
The Church on the Rise Food Pantry
Say a Prayer Ministries/In Joy Food Pantry
The Father’s Table, Food Pantry and Hot Meal

$1,500 grants were awarded to:
Byron Saunders Foundation, Knox County Chapter
First Congregational Church of Christ Hot Meals Program
Fredericktown United Methodist Church, Peace Meals Program
Gay Street United Methodist Church Hot Meals Program
Knox Learning Center, Hungry For Knowledge Project
Lifepoint Church, Backpacks of Hope
Sunday Hot Meal Program

$1,000 grants went to:
New Directions, Hunger Needs After Hours Project
The Freedom Center, Nutrition in Recovery Program
The Winter Sanctuary

We also awarded $500 grants to:
16:15 sk8 (Skate) Ministry
The Main Place
TouchPointe Marriage & Family Resources.
Trinity Worship Center, Blizzard Bags Program

One event continues through December 31st with the Festival of Trees at the Floral Valley Community Center in Apple Valley.

You can stay updated at foodforthehungrycares.org

The video archive of Saturday’s broadcast is also available at MVNU.tv in the on-demand tab.

Here are some other exciting totals!

The Knox County Elementary school collection was hosted by Psi Iota Xi Sorority. The students collected $14,038.09 and 8,215 food items!  (That is 6 ½ truckloads of food)!

Knox County High Schools collected for Food for the Hungry this year. Volunteer Shawn Dugan coordinated this collection.

  • 2020 HIGH SCHOOL TOTAL – The students collected a TOTAL of $7,996.74 and 2,100 Items. That equals 1.68 trucks!

Centerburg High School:
Collection was completed 11/16 -11/20
This year’s High School food drive coincided with the Elementary School. Centerburg secretaries, Kristi Adams and Christine Clark organized a competition between the High School and the Middle School that resulted in a win for the Middle School. The Middle School will get to give their principle a pie in the face.
2020 Final totals: 337 Food Items and $243.60

Danville High School:
Collection ran from 11/13 – 12/1  
Danville secretary, Jeanell Branstool helped to coordinate their collections. Danville grades 7-12 had a competition between floors of their building. The second floor 9-12 homerooms won the collection competition. These students will be awarded with a pizza party and the added bonus of having the highly sought after popcorn that normally only the staff at Danville have.
2020 TOTAL – 78 food items and $611.00

Fredericktown High School:
Collection dates were 12/2 – 12/9

Fredericktown staff member, Maggie Smith, and National Honor Society Student, Macy Thorne coordinated their collections.
2020 TOTAL – $2,076.52 and 274 food items. 

The Knox County Career Center:
Collection dates were 12/1 – 12/9

KCCC Staff Member, Corey Cline, along with the Student Council coordinated their collections.
The KCCC gives out three pizza parties:  
1.  Lab that brings in the most items overall   – Auto Tech Lab is the winner!
2. Lab that brings in the most food items (no cash) – Landscape Lab is the winner!
3. Lab that averages the most per person – Collision Repair is the winner!
2020 TOTAL – $3,800.67 and 1,084 food items (just under a truckload of food)

Mount Vernon High School:
Collection Dates were 11/30 – 12/4
Mount Vernon Staff Member, Justin Sanford, and National Honor Society Student, Hunter Schisler coordinated their collections.
2020 TOTAL – $1,264.95 and 327 food items

The top collecting schools in both the Central Knox County and Greater Knox County competitions are recognized and awarded with multi-year traveling plaques  to acknowledge their achievement and contribution to Food For The Hungry.

The 2020 Central Knox County Award goes to the Knox County Career Center!
The 2020 Greater Knox County Award goes to Fredericktown!

The Knox County Career Center was VERY involved with this year’s Food For The Hungry.
The 2020 Online Silent Auction of themed gift baskets brought in a total of $2,978.
This auction included 9 themed baskets that included gift certificates for goods and services at the Knox County Career Center labs.
The OSU basket filled with goodies for Buckeye fans was donated by the OSU Alumni Club of Knox County.
The Dental Basket was donated by Dr. Chris Martin of Contemporary Dental of Mount Vernon.

The themed basket totals for 2020:  
#1 Ultimate Date Night Basket – $605.00
#2 Car Care Basket – $253.00
#3 Dental Basket – Contemporary Dental – $650.00
#4 Family Fun Pack Basket – $300.00
#5 Fitness Basket – $170.00
#6 Foodies Basket – $500.00
#7 Herbalife Basket – $145.00
#8 Michigan Basket – $105.00
#9 OSU Basket – $250.00

  • The Snowflake Gala: benefiting Knox County Food For The Hungry hosted by Kenyon College was a huge success.  In a very different year with multiple challenges, the net proceeds of the gala fundraising exceeded $155,000!  While the President’s annual holiday reception was canceled this year, Kenyon’s faculty and staff still collected at least 13 boxes of canned goods and staples.

Kenyon presented this year’s William A. Stroud Jr. Award for community service to the People of Knox County. 

  • Food For The Hungry also did Facebook Pop-Up auctions with massage certificate packets from Top Notch Massage Therapy. These pop-up auctions brought in $ $432!

The First Food For The Hungry “Battle of the Coffee Shops” was a huge success!  Knox County Coffee Shops collected a total of $3,452.08 and 168 food items!
The Brickhouse Grind from Fredericktown received the trophy for the “Food for the Hungry Coffee Shop of the Year” by collection the most donations – $2,732.18 and 113 food items!

Here are the totals from our other amazing coffee shops:                 
Cotto’s Street -$6.00                          
Half Baked Café’ – $84.00                             
Happy Bean – $94.00 and 6 food items                     
North Main Café – $335.00 and 34               
The Blond Robin – $187.00 and 15 food items                     
Wiggin Street  – $13.90                                  

  • The First Food For The Hungry Service Club Competition was also a huge success!  Thanks to Carol Grubaugh, Executive Director of the Knox County Chamber of Commerce for coordinating this collection. Our Knox County Service Clubs collected a total of $6,167 in 9 DAYS!
    Congratulations to the Soroptimist Club of Mount Vernon and Knox County for being the TOP collection club. They collected: $2,600
    Thanks to our other Service Clubs for helping Food For The Hungry.
    Rotary Club of Mount Vernon – $2,452
    Kiwanis Club of Mount Vernon – $575
    Psi Iota Xi Sorority – $340
    Lions Club of Mount Vernon- $200 

Mount Vernon Nazarene University hosted Knox Needs – to create hunger awareness on campus and raise funds for both food and client services.
$2,435 was donated by faculty and staff
The Esther Jetter Preschool children collected 69 food items and $257.07
MVNU also gave $1,000 to the Kenyon Gala as a Virtual Table Sponsor.
MVNU’s Total – $3,692.07
This amount will feed 410 families of 4 for 3 days! (Using the Mid Ohio Food Bank) $1.00 = $9.00 of buying power.

Mount Vernon Nazarene University presented the Stephen W. Zelkowitz Memorial Award to: Corby Wise, Josh Worster and Joshua Morrison, who all worked for the Mount Vernon News and helped the drive for many years with publicity, marketing and photography.  

The 10th Annual Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk was held on Thanksgiving morning on the campus of Mount Vernon Nazarene University. WeRunMV hosted this annual fundraiser to benefit Food For The Hungry.  Donations totaled $1,536 and 449 food items.

– The Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County Food for fines was another success. 560 pounds of food was collected! That’s .36 truckloads of food!

The Knox County Park District “Fire and Ice” Event to benefit Food For The Hungry was different this year because of COVID-19. The event was held as two drive-through events. Knox County Park District placed 300 sparkling luminaria through the Wolf Run Regional Park parking lot. At a simultaneous event located across the county, the Millwood Church of Christ in Howard placed 300-snowflake luminaria to entertain and guide visitors through the church drive-through event.
Wolf Run Park total – $1,080 plus a truckload of food
Millwood Church of Christ total – $187

2020 Total for Fire and Ice – $1,267 and 1 truckload of food

Collection Point Totals:

APPLE VALLEY/HOWARD: Red Rover Marathon – $56.00 

CENTERBURG:Hometown Market: $1,535.00 

DANVILLE:Hometown Market – $268.00 

FREDERICKTOWN: BellStores – $431.00

GAMBIER:The Village Market – data will be coming soon 

Aldi – $274.00 

Kroger – $1,514.00 

Lanning’s Foods – $1,329.00 

Baker’s IGA – $629.00 

Rural King – $696.00 

Wal-Mart Supercenter – $567.00 

The Knox Memorial – $28,293.38

THANK YOU for doing YOUR part to fight hunger in our community!

God BLESS you this Christmas!

*You can see pictures and videos at www.foodforthehungrycares.org
Click on the connect button and you’ll see a link to photo gallery and a video gallery.*

For more information, log on to FoodForTheHungryCares.org. Food For The Hungry – Working together to care for our neighbors.

Today is the 39th Annual Food For The Hungry. Please donate!

WNZR’s Marcy Rinehart talked with Lisa Mazzari, Executive Director of Knox County’s Food For The Hungry.

Today is the DAY!

Lisa shares details about all activities including:
– Collection Points
– Thanks Partner Board Members
– Ways to donate including online
– Exciting news about how postal workers are picking up donations in mailboxes all across the county today
– Food For The Hungry Grants
– Distribution Model for 2020
– How to listen to and watch the annual broadcast today
– 2020 Goal
– How important each gift is this year

Click HERE to hear their conversation.

You can stay connected to the FFTH calendar in a few ways online:

Website – www.foodforthehungrycares.org
Facebook – Food For The Hungry of Knox County
Twitter and Instagram – FFTH Cares

#WNZR #TheMorningThing #FFTHCares #WorkingTogether #FFTHKnoxCounty

Lori Bosworth of WRP CPAs discusses the financial side of Food For The Hungry

WNZR’s Hunter Sutyak talked with Lori Bosworth of WRP CPAs.

Lori shares the many different ways that you can give to Food For The Hungry.
She also shares the importance of every gift this year because of the pandemic.
Lori also shares the great news of how each donation stays here locally to help families within the donor’s community.

Click HERE to hear their conversation.

You can stay connected to the FFTH calendar in a few ways online:

Website – www.foodforthehungrycares.org
Facebook – Food For The Hungry of Knox County
Twitter and Instagram – FFTH Cares

#WNZR #TheMorningThing #FFTHCares #WorkingTogether #FFTHKnoxCounty

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