Millennial Slang Terms on Way-back Wednesday

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Normally on Wednesdays we go back into our vault to play some of the hits from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, and of course we did during our 8 o’clock hour.  But we also discussed some modern things on today’s show, primarily focusing on the vocabulary of the newest generation, Millennials.  He are some of the terms we discussed.

Keep it 100 – This term refers to “keeping it 100%”, this means you are acting in a way that is true to yourself, essentially being genuine.

Hundo P – This term also refers to 100%, but is used in agreement with a statement.  For example if someone asked you if you liked the chicken, you might say “Hundo P, this chicken is delicious.”

Suh – It is a combination of “sup” and “huh.”  It is used as a greeting to express both confusion and interest.

Trill – This one is another combination.  It simply means “true” and “real.”  True + Real = Trill

Goat – An acronym that stands for the “Greatest Of All Time.”  Used a lot in sports discussion.

Salty – Being Salty means that you are bitter or angry, normally about an event that happened in the past that you haven’t quite gotten over.

Low Key – Similar to the phrase “on the down low.”  It mean’s this is a topic that you might not want everyone to know, a guilty pleasure of sorts.

We hope some of these definitions help you out when one of your kids says something to you and you are not quite sure what they meant.  Have an excellent Wednesday and “keep it 100!”

Fight the back-to-school blues


As we head back to school its hard to avoid the back-to-school blues. Its a real condition! But, The Morning Thing is here to help you fight the unavoidable back-to-school blues! This morning we dug into an article from Huffington Post about steps you can take today!

To read the full article, click HERE!

We also looked at what God had to say about change and transition. We found 24 different scriptures that are perfect for the back-to-school blues. Click HERE to read through them.

Deuteronomy 31:6 says “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”



Although back-to-school blues don’t sound like a real medical condition, it’s a very real problem and can be easily detected among students at the beginning of the school year, according to Matthew Thatcher, a mental health counselor at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital.

“In the first two weeks of school we have a lot more kids who are coming in with signs and symptoms of depression,” Thatcher said. “It is a real thing and something to be concerned about.”


Though the anxiety of going back to school often affects students before classes even start, others feel the effects well into the first half of the school year. Hinsdale Central senior Sara Ramasastry said she just couldn’t shake her blues junior year.

“Last year I had an awful case of back-to-school blues,” Ramasastry said. “I just wasn’t ready, and for the first month or so I couldn’t even settle myself down to do homework or study or anything school-related. I didn’t have the motivation.”


Venting about the long school day with friends can be a Band-Aid to the problem, but what if your depression or anxiety isn’t improving? The thought of talking about it with your parents can be tough — especially when there’s not a common understanding of the problem.


It’s important that you don’t isolate yourself. Even though you’re going to school and socializing with your classmates and teachers all day, pay close attention to what you’re doing at night. Just because you’re using social networks doesn’t mean you’re being social.

If you’re spending hours checking Facebook and Instagram, you could be isolating yourself without even knowing it.



Meet the Team – MVNU Women’s Soccer


For this week’s Meet the Team feature, The Morning Thing talked with MVNU Women’s Soccer Coach, Daniel Sieffert. He talked about the goals for this season, the coaching staff and how athletics impacts players for life after graduation.

Click HERE to listen to a conversation with Coach Sieffert and WNZR’s Jenna Potts.

The Morning Thing Fave 5 – Back to School memories!

For this week’s MorningThing Fave 5, our Big Blue crew members shared their favorite Back to School Memories. Good luck to everyone going back to school this week!

James Hubbard

James Hubbard


Lilly Buckley


Rachel Rinehart 


Eddie Dilts 

Marcy in studio

Marcy Rinehart


Back to School Jitters! Back to School Week on The Morning Thing


I think it is safe to say that we can sometimes get nervous around back to school time, especially if you are someone heading back to school.  Traffic changes, our schedules change, and so do everyone else’s.  So for today’s morning thing we shared some tips from about getting rid of those back to school jitters.

Some of the tips we liked included

Talk with your kids about what to expect.

The last thing you want is for your kid to get an unpleasant surprise on the first day of school.  Even if they are older and have been through the first day many times, it is still worth it to make sure they are comfortable with the first day back to classes.

Prepare kids psychologically for what the morning routine will be like.

Many kids have a very different schedule during the summer than during the school year.  To help your kids understand the days of waking up at 10AM are over, start getting them up earlier now.  You may not immediately be thanked for your attempt to help them get back in the swing of things, but it will make school mornings a bit easier.

Open up with your kids about your own experiences.

Sharing your own experience with nerves and how you overcame will help give your child confidence that they can make it through the school day.  Plus if you have a funny story it might help them shake off those nerves.

If you wold like to check out the full list of tips, click HERE.

Back to School Safety – The Morning Thing 8/15/17


It’s Back to School week on The Morning Thing! On Tuesday, we focused on school safety.

We shared some health and safety tips are from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

Click HERE to read the full article.

Topics include:
– Making the first day easier
– Backpack Safety
– Traveling to and from school: school bus safety, car safety, bike safety and walking to school.
– Eating during the school day
– Bullying – what to do when your child is bullied or when your child is the bully.
– Before and After School Child Care
– Developing a sleep routine
– Developing good homework and study habits

Good Luck to everyone going back to school this week!

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Meet The Team: The Mount Vernon High School Marching Band and the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Initiative

MTT MVHS Marching Band

This week for Meet The Team Monday we had a bit of a double feature.  Our first team just got done performing at first the Dan Emmett Music and Arts Festival, and are now getting ready to perform during football season.  That’s right its the Mount Vernon High School Marching Band.  Our own Lilly Buckley got a chance to talk with the band director Andrew Sundman.  If you would like to check out their full conversation click HERE.

MTT Mount Vernon Law Enforcement Drive Sobe get pulled over

As a bonus, our own Rachel Rinehart got a chance to talk to several members of the local Law Enforcement about the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over initiative.  If you would like to listen what they had to say about this initiative, click HERE.