Kassandra Baker of Starting Point and Ticket Giveaways- The Morning Thing 10/6/15

We had the opportunity to talk with Kassandra Baker of Starting Point this morning. She told us all about their upcoming Walk. It’s this Saturday, October 10 at 9:30 at the Starting Point Office- 11 Woodlake Trail in Mount Vernon. You can hear our entire conversation with Kassandra HERE. For more information check out knoxstartingpoint.com.

We also gave away tickets to the Beating Hearts Tour! Mandisa, Newsong, and Danny Gokey are coming to Zanesville this Thursday. Congrats to Haley on winning this morning’s round of “Song Poetry!” For more information about the tour, you can go here.

That wasn’t the only ticket prize we gave away. We also gave away tickets to see Tenth Avenue North in Mansfield. Congrats to our winner Andrew! You can get more information on the show and our giveaway here.

And don’t forget to sign up your pastor for Clergy Appreciation Month! You can enter them to win not only a gift certificate to a local restaurant, but also a one-night stay at the Mount Vernon Grand Hotel!

Happy Monday from The Morning Thing! 10/5/15

The Morning Thing kicked off several things today.

#1 – Clergy Appreciation Month.
clergy appreciation month-01

October is Clergy Appreciation Month. WNZR helps you honor your pastor!

Each Friday (starting October 9th), 5 local pastors will be honored on The Morning Thing (at approximately 7:30am). Our morning show hosts will share their names and churches along with comments from their church family. (5 entries will be drawn at random).

Each pastor that is mentioned will receive a $20.00 gift certificate to a local restaurant to enjoy a dinner out with family. Each pastor will ALSO receive the Kyle Idleman book “Aha – The God Moment That Changes Everything”.

Call (740) 392-9090 now and tell us why you love your pastor. Or go HERE to submit the online form.

Thanks to these restaurants for donating gift certificates for our pastor dinners:
The Southside Diner (week #1 – Friday 10/9)
The Alcove Restaurant (week #2 – 10/16)
Allison’s Finer Diner (week #3 – 10/23)
and Jake’s Restaurant of Mount Vernon (week #4 – Friday 10/30)

We will draw a GRAND PRIZE for Clergy Appreciation Month this year! All pastors will be entered into a drawing for an overnight stay at the Mount Vernon Grand Hotel.

Thanks to City on a Hill Productions for their donation of the Kyle Idleman books and thanks to the Mount Vernon Grand Hotel for their grand prize donation!

#2 Starting Point Week
We’ll talk about the ministry Starting Point all this week. We’ll share conversations with staff members and volunteers.
We are also sharing information about Starting Point’s Walk, which is coming this Saturday, October 10th!
Join the WNZR team and support Starting Point’s outreach to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies.
Click HERE to find out more about Starting Point’s WALK.
starting point-01If you can’t walk on that day, pledge your support to WNZR’s team. Call 740-392-9090 and ask for Marcy. Your pledge will help us reach a goal of $1,000 dollars for our team!
Or email wnzr@mvnu.edu, tell us your name, address, phone number and the amount you want to pledge for WNZR’s Team! Our WNZR Team includes: Marcy Rinehart and Jenna Potts from The Morning Thing, Jessica Wells from The Afternoon Drive, WNZR Graphic Designer Megan Vernon and WNZR Sports Director Josh Pope!

Today, we talked with Brooke Gillen, Starting Point’s Administrative Assistant. Click HERE to hear the inspiring conversation.

#3 Concert Ticket Giveaways!
The Morning Thing is giving away concert tickets ALL WEEK LONG!

Click HERE to find out more about The Beating Hearts Tour with Newsong, Mandisa and Danny Gokey. The Morning Thing and The Afternoon Drive are playing Song Poetry all this week. Tune in for your chance to win. We’ll share some song lyrics. If you can be the first person to correctly guess the artist and the song title, you win 2 tickets to the concert!

tenth avenue north concert-01
Click HERE to find out more about the “All The Earth is Holy Ground” tour with Tenth Avenue North and Dan Bremnes. The Morning Thing and The Afternoon Drive have a special cue for you to call. Listen for the band members of Tenth Avenue North to sing/rap the last part of our birthday song. The part that says, “we pray that God will bless you, today and all year long”. When you hear them rapping, call 740-392-9090. Caller #4 wins 2 tickets to the concert!

BIG NEWS for Mount Vernon Nazarene University students. Mansfield Christian High School is offering a discount code on http://www.itickets.com for MVNU students! Tickets are 1/2 Price ($7.50). The discount code for MVNU students is: MVNU.

PTLIF – Praise the Lord it’s Friday! The Morning Thing 10/2/15

How was your week? Busy? Stressful? Loooong?
Well, it’s time to PRAISE the Lord, because it is Friday! (PTLIF)

dog praising the lord

Did you know that you could win concert tickets by listening to The Morning Thing?
Would you like to see Newsong? Mandisa? Danny Gokey?
GOOD news! We have more tickets to give away next week.
Listen for Song Poetry and you can win tickets to the “Beating Hearts” tour. For song poetry, we read some song lyrics to you. You have to be the first person to correctly name the artist and the song title. Click HERE for more details about the concert.

Would you like to see Tenth Avenue North? Dan Bremnes?
The “All The Earth is Holy Ground” tour is coming to Mansfield Christian School on Friday, October 9th at 7:00PM.
What do you need to do to win tickets? Listen for a special cue to call 740-392-9090. When you hear the guys from Tenth Avenue North singing “We pray that God will bless you today and all year long” (a portion of our birthday song), CALL! The 4th caller wins 2 tickets.
The guys are rapping, not really singing. :-)
Click HERE for more details about the concert.

shine forth

Today on the show, we shared the October Presidential Update with MVNU President, Dr. Henry Spaulding. Click HERE to hear the conversation. Dr. Spaulding talks about the new MVNU brand “Shine Forth”, the Mount Vernon Grand Hotel construction and his thoughts on the start of the school year.


Our Morning Thing Fave 5 focused on DOGS, in honor of our annual DOG-toberfest Parade (which will happen tonight in downtown Mount Vernon).
1. Jenna Potts
2. Aubrey Bailey
3. Wesley Boston
4. Marcy Rinehart
5. Joe Rinehart (from the Afternoon Drive, making a guest appearance on our Fave 5)

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins! The Morning Thing 10/1/15

Marcy Rinehart and Jenna Potts of The Morning Thing declared that today (10/1) is PUMPKIN DAY!

Here are some wonderful recipes using pumpkin and wonderful tips on how to keep your carved pumpkin looking nice.


Click HERE for the recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake Snickerdoodles.


Click HERE for the recipe for homemade pumpkin spice coffee creamer. You can make your beloved pumpkin spice lattes at home!


Are you getting hungry?
Click HERE for the recipe for Pumpkin Pie French Toast.


Here are some wonderful tips to use when carving your pumpkin. Click HERE to find out how to make your carving easier and how to keep your pumpkin looking nice.


Don’t throw away the pumpkin seeds. Click HERE for 3 different recipes on how to cook this wonderful treat.

ENJOY something made of pumpkin today!

We also shared a conversation with Dr. Paul Dove today. He told us about the annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast coming up on Saturday 10/3. Click HERE to hear about this wonderful event.

There is a new movie coming to theaters on Friday, 10/16. WOODLAWN is more than a movie. We truly believe it is a movement – one that points to the one hope, one truth and one way to heal our nation.
Click HERE to see the movie trailer.
Click HERE to watch a special video about this new film.

“I’ll Stop Procrastinating!… Tomorrow.” No! Do it today!

Procrastination. For some of us there is nothing sweeter than the bliss of relaxing while calming saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Except perhaps for the sense of relief that comes after finishing a frenzied nightmare of last-minute-panic-induced work. The fact is, it can be way too easy to procrastinate. Trust me, I know. While you may still get things done this way, it is not the bast plan of attack. That’s why we took a look this morning at ways to stop procrastinating right now. Not tomorrow, not this afternoon, now. You can check out the complete list here.

We also shared some tips on how to get started with prayer when you might not be sure what to pray for. You can check out all the tips that we shared right here.

And don’t forget to come to DOG-TOBERFEST this Friday! You can find all the info on our website.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? The bible has a verse for that! The Morning Thing 9/29/15

What to do when you feel overwhelmed by what happens in our world?
Click HERE to read an insightful article on how to respond to bad news. The bible has a lot to say about how to face these feelings of fear and doubt.


We also shared some alarming news about how texting is affecting our posture. Click HERE to see if you need to change your texting habits. The diagrams are revealing of this problem.

Friend Envy. Do you know what it is? Do you struggle with it? The Morning Thing 9/28/15

Today, we talked about friend envy.
friend envy
Click HERE to read through some different situations that we may face with our friendships.

The bible is very clear about how we should deal with envy and jealousy.
Please take a few minutes to read over these scriptures. Click HERE.
We pray that you will be encouraged by the strong message in these verses.