Surprising Uses for Cotton Swabs and Making Exercise a Habit- The Morning Thing on 9/2/15

Cotton Swabs… It can be tempting to use them to clean your ears. But that’s a big no! That’s a big safety concern. So what can you do with them? Turns out there are a lot of surprising uses all around the house for them- from cleaning your laptop to getting the last drop of makeup out of the container. Today on the Morning Thing we took a look at what can be done with them, and you can find the whole list HERE.

In addition to talking about uses for cotton swabs we also took a look at exercise; specifically how to make it a habit. It is really easy to think of exercise as a chore and something that is anything but extinct- trust me, I’m right there with you. But when you dread exercise it makes it that much easier to do it at all, let alone regularly. So here are a few things that can help you get on the right exercise track.

  1. Forget the myths! Exercise can be fun (think playing catch with the kids, taking a walk through the woods, or swimming). Find something that works for you on a personal level and forget the myths.
  2. Start slowly. It can be easy to burn out and give up if you start big. It’s okay- scratch that- it’s great to start small and work your way up.
  3. Find an exercise buddy. Having a friend keep you accountable helps you from talking yourself out of it. It’s a good idea to pick one who is in the same shape as you.
  4. Pick an exercise that you like. Try it for a few weeks and if you still hate it then try something new. Remember- pick something else up, don’t give up entirely.

Hey Parents! STOP helping your kids with their math homework, BUT spend time teaching them about car care – The Morning Thing 9/1/15


Parents – STOP helping your kids with their math homework! Why? Click HERE and find out how you might be creating math anxiety for your kids.

Do you have a future college student at your house? Today, we shared some important car prep tips to teach your kid before they leave for the college campus.

NU4A0336 - Version 2

The car repair experts at RepairPal [ (] — a nationwide network of certified, pre-screened repair shops on a mission to help you find a fair price for quality work — have a critical checklist for your teens and young adults:

You’ll need to find a trustworthy and safe local mechanic, but walking into the first shop that you find on Google in a new city is like rolling the dice. Teach them to do their homework by searching for a shop with certified technicians who will make sure your ‘baby’ is in safe hands.

Teach them to research average repair prices before they have to visit any shop for repairs and tell them to beware of any prices much higher or lower than the average (which may signal low quality parts or potential overbilling).

Make sure your kid’s car is fully equipped with the following safety materials:

> An inflated spare tire
> A tire iron
> The car manual
> A spare key
> Materials for cold weather driving, like blankets, gloves, and tire chains (if necessary)

Because a poorly-executed repair could put them back in the shop just weeks later, they should always choose a shop that offers an excellent warranty in case anything goes wrong. RepairPal independently certifies auto repair shops nationwide for superior training, quality tools, fair pricing and a minimum 12-month/12,000-mile warranty.

Their gas gauge should never go below a quarter tank – it shortens the life of the fuel pump and they’ll be in for costly repairs down the road. Teach them the importance of caring for their gas tank, particularly if they’re traveling in bad weather or on a long road trip. RepairPal is a great option for students in that it also offers roadside assistance in case they’re ever in trouble.

As a free resource, RepairPal [] independently certifies auto repair shops nationwide, provides data on the average cost of each repair, and offers trusted customer reviews — eliminating the need for your student to shop around.

The Morning Thing has a NEW co-host!

Meet Aubrey Bailey – the NEW co-host for The Morning Thing.

150625-WNZR Headshots 2015-44

Aubrey is a Junior at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. She is from Wooster, OH.
She is studying Journalism, Media Production and Graphic Design.
Aubrey LOVES music. She is a member of 2 choirs at MVNU. She is also a member of a Music & Ministry team at MVNU. She will be traveling throughout the school year with this group to sing and minister to churches in Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia.
One of Aubrey’s favorite songs right now is “Touch the Sky” by Hillsong United.

150625-WNZR Headshots 2015-26

Aubrey joins The Morning Thing team of Wesley Boston (MVNU Senior), Marcy Rinehart and Jenna Potts (MVNU Junior).
Here is the weekly schedule:
Mondays – Marcy and Aubrey
Tuesdays – Marcy and Jenna
Wednesdays – Aubrey and Wesley
Thursdays – Marcy and Jenna
Fridays – Marcy and Wesley

The Morning Thing is a GREAT way to start your day, weekdays from 6am – 9am.

A growing house with growing kids – how to keep up! The Morning Thing 8/28/15

Today, The Morning Thing talked about the growing family and how to handle the constant changes to your house.

a drawer just for them

Click HERE for tips on how to keep your kitchen beautiful as your kids are growing up.

bedroom decorating for growing kids

Click HERE for 7 style tricks for a bedroom that your kids will never outgrow.

We also shared our Morning Thing Fave 5!

moving into college

The Morning Thing Fave 5 for the week of 8/24/15:

The MVNU students are back on campus and classes begin on Monday!
Here are our 5 tips for college freshman – our 5 favorite advice tips:

  1. Meet as many people as you can. You will never have another chance where it is honestly acceptable to walk up to strangers and introduce yourself. Plus, you’ll make new friends!
  2. Get involved! Join a club, a bible study, an organization or a random game of Frisbee golf. Don’t miss out on a chance to hang out and have fun! This is also a great way to make new friends and lifelong memories.
  3. Find the balance between school work and fun. Be intentional from the beginning. Don’t procrastinate on your classwork, but don’t spend all weekend in the library.
  4. Get up and eat breakfast! It really is the most important meal of the day. A good mix of protein and healthy carbs will help you get through the day and get better grades.
  5. Don’t be afraid….to ask questions, to ask for help, talk to your professors (please set an appointment and check their office hours), talk to your Resident Director, talk to your Academic Advisor, join a study group, etc., etc. Just do NOT be afraid.

The Morning Thing welcomes NEW students to Mount Vernon Nazarene University – 8/27/15

mvnu pic

Today is MVNU’s Move In Day!! WNZR welcomes NEW and Transfer students.
We are excited to have you here at 800 Martinsburg Road, Mount Vernon.
We are praying that you will have an amazing year full of adventure, excitement and growth.mvnu logo

We talked with Catie Hayes and Rochel Furniss from MVNU’s Student Life Office about this special day on campus. Click HERE to hear the conversation.


We also shared some tips on how MOM can relax like a boss. Click HERE to see 9 killer Mommy Break ideas!

It’s National Dog Day!!

Today is the 11th National Dog Day! It’s a day to have fun with our furry friends, raise awareness for pet rescue and adoption, and appreciate the work of service dogs, police dogs, combat dogs, therapy dogs, and more. In fact, you can learn all about National Dog Day at the official website. Yes, there is an official website, and you can check it out here.

Also on the official website is the list of ways to celebrate, which we shared with you on the show today. You can check out the complete list here, including unmentioned celebrations such as the dog shaped bouquet or the National Dog Day T-Shirt.

And you definitely want to keep your dog safe, not just on this special holiday, but every day. That’s why we shared a list of foods that you should never give your dog. You can read the complete list here.

And if you have a dog, be sure to play with it today and show it that you love it! Because it certainly loves you.

Fresh Starts for your routine and house cleaning – The Morning Thing 8/25/15


Going Back to School can give your kids and family a chance to make a fresh start!
Click HERE for some great ideas on “Turning Over  New Leaf” for the new school year.


Would you like a fresh start for your housecleaning routine? Less time cleaning means more time for your family and the things you enjoy! Click HERE for some fabulous tips on how to clean your house like a professional. It turns out there is a methodology most pros use to whip a home into shape in minimum time. Much of it relies on just doing tasks in the proper sequence!

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