34 Habits to Add to your Morning Routine

Good Morning!
On today’s show, we focused on the morning routine. We found some ways (34 to be exact) to improve your routine, so that your day gets even better.
Some highlights?
– Complete a 7 minute workout.
– Make yourself an antioxidant smoothie.
– Review your goals.
– Schedule your day.

Read the entire article from DevelopGoodHabits.com here!

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Knox Area Transit and Knox County Mobilty

kat-signToday on the Morning Thing, Susie Simpson, Knox County Mobility Manager, and Martin McAvory, transit program administrator, talked about the new transit program in Knox county and the services provided. To listen to the full conversation, click HERE. For more information, click HERE.

Father’s Day Week Continues with Dad Jokes and How to be an All Pro Dad!


Father’s Day Week continues on The Morning Thing. Today, we shared the best dad jokes of the year. Plus an article, 10 Classic Ways to be an All Pro Dad. With Father’s Day just around the corner, take a few minutes to tell your dad how much you love and value him! Plus, don’t forget to register your dad for our Take Dad to Dinner promotion before midnight tonight! Click HERE to register him today!

To arm yourself with the best Dad Jokes this Father’s Day, click HERE!

For the full article on how to be an All Pro Dad from All Pro Dad, click HERE!

1. Love Your Wife

True love is not a feeling. It is a decision. It’s an act of the will to be patient, kind, humble, hopeful, giving, faithful and trusting. The number one source of security for kids is to know that their dad loves their mother and is steadfastly committed to her well-being.

2. Spend Time With Your Kids

How you spend your time is a reflection of what’s important to you. If you value your kids, you’ll want to be with them. Grab every moment you can get with your children.

3. Be a Role Model

It’s impossible to underestimate the importance of a father modeling the type of behavior he desires to see in his children. Role models don’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk of an honorable man.

4. Understand and Enjoy Your Children

Like you, every child has unique DNA, unique fingerprints, and a unique personality. In order to be the best father you can be, you’ll need to understand your children as individuals. Don’t get tempted to wish for the next stage of their development. Have fun with them now, and make memories that last a lifetime.

5. Show Affection

Children long for a secure place in this fast-paced world. They find it most often in the warm embrace of a parent. But showing affection doesn’t stop there. Make sure to say, “I love you” everyday.

6. Secure Your Family’s Financial Future

Financial stress is one of the leading factors that tears families apart. In order to put your family in a position of strength, you have to shore up your finances.

7. Eat Together As a Family

Most children today don’t know the meaning of a family dinnertime. Yet the communication and unity built during this time is integral to a healthy family life. Sharing a meal together—breakfast, lunch or dinner—provides structure to an often hectic schedule.

8. Discipline with a Gentle Spirit

Discipline’s role is not to intimidate or tear down, but to mold and to correct. Correcting your kids should be done in private, and you and your wife should be unified in how you discipline. Strive to be consistent.

9. Pray and Worship Together

Families that have a healthy prayer life and take worshipping God seriously help their children to understand that there is an ultimate authority in their lives—an authority who provides moral absolutes for them to live by.

10. Realize You’re a Father Forever

As he allows his children their freedom to direct their own lives, a good father realizes that he doesn’t abandon them at a dorm room, a wedding altar, or the door of their first job. He continues to encourage, coach and convey his wisdom to his children forever.


Relay for Life will be in Downtown Mount Vernon, TOMORROW!


This morning we continued our conversation about the Knox County Realy for Life. We talked with Jody Rudder, the Director of the Knox County Relay for Life Leadership Team about the upcoming event on the public square. Jody shared the changes for 2018, how you can support Relay for Life and how to motivates others on the team.

Listen to our full conversation to learn more, HERE!

For more information on Knox County’s Relay for Life, click HERE!

To learn more about the American Cancer Society, click HERE!

Relay for Life is coming to Mount Vernon!


Today, we talked with Courtney Ross the Community Development Manager with the American Cancer Society. She talked about the upcoming event, Relay for Life, and the teams that will be participating this year. Courtney also shared how you can get involved in Relay for Life and stay connected to the American Cancer Society.

For more information about about Relay for Life in Knox County, click HERE!

For more information about the American Cancer Society, click HERE!

Stay Young- Have Fun and Eat Well!

babyToday on the Morning Thing we talked about ways to stay young, because age is just a number, afterall! We talked about keeping your brain sharp by playing some games and making you feel good inside and out with some yummy smart snacking. Click HERE to read about some games to keep you young and HERE for foods to keep you healthy and young. As always, thanks for listening!

The World Race- 11 Countries in 11 Months with Christy Gray

christy grayI had the pleasure of talking with an alum of MVNU and soon to be missionary Christy Gray. Christy will be visiting 11 countries in 11 months with the World Race. Click HERE to listen to the full conversation. Christy taught at the local schools and left for training on Saturday, June 2. Please keep her in your prayers as she embarks on this journey. To stay connected with her on her adventures, check out her blog HERE. Click HERE for more information on the World Race. As always, thanks for listening!