Operation Christmas Child and the Turkey Festival!

operationchristmaschildlogo.jpgToday on the show we discussed Operation Christmas Child, and how they are still working even in the month of June to deliver gifts to kids all over the world.  If you’d like to read more on what they are doing right now click HERE.

Marcy also had a chance to have a very interesting chat with Sandy Gargas, Operation Christmas Child’s Regional Coordinator for the Dayton area about her recent rip to Rwanda to help deliver shoe boxes.  If you’d like to listen to it, click HERE.

The first day of the Danville Howard Turkey Festival is today as well, and we will be at the festival giving anyone who signs up in person or online a chance to win.  For more information on our contest, head to our website wnzr.fm, and for information on what is happening at the Turkey Festival today and tomorrow click HERE.

Also remember to get your Dad signed up for Take Dad To Dinner because we are drawing winners tomorrow, you can find more information on this contest at wnzr.fm.


Thoughts from Israel- The Morning Thing on 3/14/16

Wesley Israel

Wesley Boston here. I recently returned from an incredible opportunity. From February 29th to March 11th I traveled across Israel and Jordan, seeing sites that brought the Bible to life and being introduced to cultures and people that were very different from me. A few things struck me as a result.

  1. The world is a lot bigger than America. Our guide, Rafi, who is seen in the above picture at the left end of the back row, reminded us that the U.S. is big- so big that we don’t need anybody else he said. Israel, to compare, is smaller than New Jersey. In the U.S. we don’t get out much, we don’t see much that is different, and we dont get out of our comfort zones. It’s good in so many ways to get into someone else’s country, culture, kitchen, history, etc.
  2. Differences in race, culture, and religion can be put aside. On this trip a Muslim man looked me, a Christian, in the eye and asked me to pray for peace in these lands. Two religions with two different Gods, but that didn’t matter. We could be united in this cause. One girl that I traveled with remarked that while watching the Jews pray at the Western “Wailing” Wall she realized that we aren’t so different. We all are simply trying to get closer to God.
  3. We believe and have faith in a God who does not operate in an abstract dimension or some Narnia -esque realm that we can’t get to or see. He works in real history, in real places, and with real people. While we can’t have definite proof and still have to trust and have faith, we can take comfort in knowing that we can see the places where the Bible tells us these things happened.
  4. History keeps going on. Rafi reminded us on the first day that since our our country is so young we have a different view of what is old. In his words, “You Americans find something that is 250 years old and you call it an antique. In Israel if something is 250 years old we don’t even look at it- it’s brand new! Come back when you have something from the 3rd or 4th century.” In that land I saw the remains of empire after empire and civilization after civilization. I stood in the ruins of palaces of mighty kings and the temples of foreign gods. History marches on and takes everything that mankind builds with it. But God remains. He is unchanged from the beginning and will still be here in another 2,000 years.
  5. We have a personal relationship but not a personal religion. By that I mean that while we are able to know God personally as our God and Savior it isn’t just about us. We are part of a worldwide community of believers that spans throughout history. Every one of us across the globe brings our own interpretations and culture and backgrounds to it but we are all one body serving the same risen Lord.
  6. We don’t have to travel around the world to be closer to God. This thought was not original with me. I was struggling with the fact that I had not had some kind of supernatural revelation or some experience where God broke through into my life in some brand new crystal clear way. Then one girl on the trip shared that she was struggling with the same issue- and then she realized that there’s a good reason for it. God is with us no matter where we are. We can be just as close to Him here in Ohio as we can in the Holy Lands. I have stood as close to the Holy of Holies as is humanly possible in 2016- but that didn’t make me any closer to God than I am right now as I write these words in Mount Vernon. God is with you and me no matter where we are and that is a great comfort.

It’s hard to sum up such an experience in one post, but these are a few of the things that God put on my heart during this journey. And yes, it was good to go- amazing to go- but it is good to be back. Hopefully the lessons I’ve learned can influence the way I live day to day.


Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day by learning more about the history and the man. The Morning Thing 1/18/16

rev dr martin luther king praying

Detroit Free Press photographer Tony Spina photographed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in a reflective moment in March, 1968, 2 weeks before his assassination.

How much do you know about Dr. Martin Luther King Junior?
How much do you know about the history of today’s holiday?
One way that we can celebrate is to enhance our knowledge and understanding of why we celebrate on the third Monday of January.

Click HERE to see the amazing timeline of how long it took to have the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday created.

Click HERE to see 20 interesting facts about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. How much do you really know about the man?

Click HERE for more interesting facts about Dr. Marin Luther King Jr., plus links to some fabulous pictures and videos of this amazing man.

Mount Vernon High School’s production of “The King and I”


We had the opportunity to talk with the cast and crew of Mount Vernon High School’s production of “The King and I.” They talk about preparing for their roles, why they wanted to get involved, and how the community can support this event. Of the 70 students involved we talked with Rachel Rinehart, Michaela Hauke, David McDonald, Ethan and Alex Jarosz, Jakob Daniels, Lauren Cagle and the director Cory Ward.
Mount Vernon High School presents “The King and I” for 3 nights this week – 4/23, 4/24 and 4/25 at 7pm in the high school theater.

Listen to our whole conversation right here!

Get Healthy and Get Back to Reading with The Morning Thing

Library WeekThe Morning Thing kicked off the week by celebrating National Library Week and sharing some “Get Healthy” tips from the Knox County Healthy Department.

Here are some interesting facts about libraries.

Find out more about the Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County!
This is a very active place with special events for readers of every age.

Here is more information about National Library Week.

Want to get your kids interested in reading? Check out these 10 tips! http://www.mercyhome.org/10-ways-get-your-child-interested-reading

It was also a Get Healthy Monday on the show. 
Studies show that when it comes to making decisions to improve your health, Monday is the day most people make those decisions. The Knox County Health Department and Get Healthy Knox County want you to think of every Monday as an opportunity to do something to improve your health.The Knox County Health Department and Get Healthy Knox County want you to think of every Monday as an opportunity to do something to improve your health – Make that decision to lose a few pounds, get exercising, make a doctor’s appointment, stop smoking – Make every Monday the day to start getting healthy.

Do you know your numbers…your health numbers?
We live our lives by the numbers: phone numbers, PIN numbers, stock market numbers. When it comes to health, you should live by the numbers, too.

The key health numbers to know are: blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and body mass index (BMI).

Doctors test most of these numbers at annual check-ups – which begs the question – when was the last time you had a checkup? It’s important that you know your numbers and understand what they mean. By keeping your numbers within a healthy range, you can greatly improve your health and reduce your risk for heart disease and other illnesses.

Blood Pressure When it comes to your blood pressure number, pay attention to the top number – the systolic pressure, which indicates the pressure when the heart beats while pumping blood. A systolic reading above 140 is considered too high and warrants seeing your doctor. Your Blood Pressure goal is 120 over 80 or less.

Cholesterol When it comes to cholesterol, there are really three numbers to know – your total cholesterol, your “healthy” cholesterol, called HDL and your “bad” cholesterol, called LDL.

The normal range for total cholesterol is 200 or less. The optimal range for HDL cholesterol is more than 60 and LDL cholesterol should be less than 100. There are no definite symptoms of high cholesterol, so it’s important to see your doctor and know your cholesterol numbers.

Blood Sugar or Glucose Glucose is sugar stored in your blood as your body’s main source of energy. Your fasting blood sugar number must be measured after an 8-hour fast. Fasting is key since ingesting food—say, a banana an hour beforehand—would raise blood sugar levels and could create a false pre-diabetic or diabetic reading. Your FBS can be determined with a simple blood test or a finger stick test.

A fasting blood sugar number above 100 is considered pre-diabetic; treatment measures should be discussed with a physician.

Body Mass Index Your body mass index (BMI) measures your weight in relation to your height. A BMI over 25 means that you are overweight and a number over 30 indicates obesity. That extra weight can lead to high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and other serious illnesses.

Your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and body mass index numbers are key indicators of your risk for serious illness. If you know these important numbers, you can make changes to improve your health.

Small changes can make a big difference. So start today. It’s Get Healthy Monday!

The Morning Thing “Week In Review” – Easter Week


We are starting a new tradition for The Morning Thing Blog. Every Friday, we will post a list of topics that we covered for the past week. We will provide links to the articles and information that we share weekday mornings from 6-9.

We hope that you will go through this list of topics and dig a little deeper to find helpful and encouraging information for you and your family. It is our passion and desire to provide you with fun and inspiration that will strengthen YOU and your family every weekday morning as you start your day. Thanks for listening! We’ll see you Monday at 6am!

The Morning Thing 3/30 – 4/3/15

We have some special features to get your day started!
National News updates from the Associated Press every hour
WNZR State and Local News 7am & 8am
Weather every 15 minutes
The Morning Thing Game of the Day 7:20am
Birthdays and Anniversaries 7:40am
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The Morning Thing Game of the Day at 7:20am is your chance to win! Monday through Thursday – you get a chance to win a $5.00 gift certificate to Southside Diner. On Friday – we’ll have a surprise prize every week!

It was Easter Week! Each day, we shared some special bible verses for Easter. We also took a Journey to the Cross with daily activities for kids for the week of Easter.

Easter Bible Verses: http://www.biblestudytools.com/topical-verses/easter-bible-verses/

Journey to the cross: http://www.jesus-without-language.net/holy-week-review/

PLUS, we gave away tickets to the ALIVE FESTIVAL every day this week!
Click here to see the amazing lineup. http://www.alive.org/

On Monday,  Marcy and Jenna, shared some Easter traditions. How do you celebrate the holiday at your house?http://www.focusonthefamily.com/parenting/holidays/celebrating-the-easter-season/easter-traditions-that-matter

They shared a conversation with Gigi and Brandon Gonazalez Cottrell from the Salvation Army about their upcoming father/daughter dance.

It was also a GET HEALTHY Monday. They shared some tips from the Knox County Health Department and a chance to win a Get Healthy Prize Package.

Get Healthy Tips – Drink MORE Water.
A simple step to better health is to drink more water. Water is the second most popular beverage in the U.S. after soft drinks. This is a scary stat, since sugary soda is a huge health hazard, upping the risk of obesity, stroke, and other heart problems. However, these dangers can be avoided if people choose to drink water, which doesn’t have negative side effects. So help put the sugary stuff to the side and make water the number one drink of choice. When it comes to thirst, put water first.

There are a number of reasons you should drink more water:
Water can keep your body in balance. Roughly 60 percent of the body is made of water. Drinking enough H2O maintains the body’s fluid balance, which helps transport nutrients in the body, regulate body temperature, digest food, and more.

Drinking water could also help with weight loss. Numerous studies have found a connection between water consumption and losing a few pounds. The secret? – Water simply helps people feel full, and as a result consume fewer calories.

Water can increase your productivity at work and studies show that water can help you think better, concentrate and stay alert. A study in London found a link between students bringing water into an exam room and better grades, suggesting H2O promotes clearer thinking. While it’s unclear if drinking the water had anything to do with a better score, it doesn’t hurt to try it out!

When you feel tired, try drinking water. One of the most common symptoms of dehydration is tiredness.

The amount of water people need per day is up for debate, but studies suggest adults need nine to 16 cups of H2O. However this number varies depending on activity level, age, and how much water people are consuming in coffee, tea, or water-rich veggies and fruit. Here’s how to keep yourself hydrated: Begin by drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up, and 30 minutes before eating any big meal. (This will help control appetite, too.) Get in the habit of keeping a water bottle on hand at all times. And if the taste beings to bore, spice up the taste buds with a squeeze of citrus to the glass! Before you know it, all the benefits of water will be right at your fingertips… and in your body

Whatever healthy thing you decide to do …and we do want you to choose to something healthy for yourself – whether it’s something small like drinking more water –  or something big like joining a gym – do it today…. it’s Get Healthy Monday.

On Tuesday, Wesley and Josh Pope, talked about the Easter Candy and some unique recipes using your Easter candy.







On Wednesday, Marcy and Faith, celebrated April Fool’s Day by sharing the greatest April Fool’s Day jokes of all time. They also shared some yummy dinner menu ideas for your family.



On Thursday, Jenna and Wesley, celebrated National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day with some yummy recipes using America’s 2 favorite ingredients. They also celebrated National Children’s Book Day by reading some of the greatest children’s books on the list.





On Friday, Marcy and her daughter Rachel celebrated PTLIGF – Praise the Lord, It’s GOOD Friday!

This Friday was very special. We shared 3 hours of songs picked specifically for Easter.
Our Morning Thing Fave 5 featured our 5 favorite Easter Songs.

We talked about the mini-series AD – the Bible Continues, which premieres on NBC on Easter Sunday.
Here’s a link to hear Executive Producers, Roma Downey and Mark Burnett talk with Jim Daly on Focus on the Family.


In the 8am hour, we shared our April MVNU Presidential Update with Dr. Henry Spaulding.

Have a GREAT weekend.
Remember that The Morning Thing is a GREAT way to start your day. Every weekday morning from 6-9am.

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