The Knox County Christmas Cantata is coming soon!

WNZR’s Wesley Boston talked with Lynn Jurkowitz about this year’s Knox County Christmas Cantata.
Listen in for more details about this very special event coming to our community. Click HERE to hear their conversation.

The Knox County Cantata Choir, directed by Lynn Jurkowitz, presents “The Song Heard ‘Round The World”, composed by Joseph Martin.

The performances will be Friday, Nov. 30th at 7:30, and Saturday, Dec. 1st at 2pm, at the Memorial Theater in Mount Vernon, Oh.

The Cantata Choir will be accompanied by percussionist Chris Miller.

Tickets are $10.00 at the door, and are also available at PakMail, 812 Coshocton Ave, Unit 1, in Mount Vernon. They may also be purchased from Choir members.

Opening for the Cantata Choir will be David’s Heart, a Columbus based Gospel quartet. They will share their message of love through beautiful harmonies, and songs of inspiration.

Bell ringer Pam Guillet will also perform, accompanied by Lynn J.

Lynn Jurkowitz will once again lead the choir as Choral Director, Arranger, and Force of Nature. Lynn’s talent as a choir director is unparalleled, and she will once again bring a large group of voices to one beautiful, soaring, inspiring voice.

Please come join us again for one of Knox County’s most beloved and anticipated Christmas traditions-the Knox County Cantata Choir’s annual performance of Joseph Martin’s wonderful music.


It’s Sonfest Week on WNZR. The Morning Thing introduces you to The Young Escape.

The Young Escape pic

This week on The Morning Thing, we are talking with the artists coming to SonFest 2018!

The Young Escape is part of the Sonfest lineup this year. This band of siblings is excited about coming to Mount Vernon. WNZR’s Wesley Boston talked with McKenna Johns from The Young Escape. Click HERE to hear their conversation.

THE YOUNG ESCAPE band is from Southern California, THE YOUNG ESCAPE (Capitol) delivers a fresh shot of EDM-infused Indie pop with the energetic live show to match. Comprised of siblings Ryan, McKenna, Kyrsten, and Luke Johns, the band’s debut singles “Good Life” and “Neverfade” are an alchemy of modern pop sheen and sophisticated edge. TYE speaks to the themes of insecurity, anxiety, and pressure facing every kid in the modern age with the hope and escape that’s found in the kinetic spirit of youth.
Click HERE to find out more about The Young Escape.

Find more details and ticket information, go to

Check out the song “Love Me Like You” featured on WNZR.

MVNU introduces a Community Music School

MVNU logo
The mission of the MVNU Community Music School is to provide high-quality, affordable music enrichment programs to Knox County and surrounding areas. Our program utilizes a talented pool of MVNU faculty, students, special guest artists, and experienced local music professionals.
  • Group and private lesson instruction for voice, woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings, piano, and guitar
  • Ensemble programs for band, choir, and strings
  • Guitar and piano classes for youth and adults
  • Regular Saturday workshops
  • Summer camps and other summer enrichment programs

The Morning Thing talked with Dr. John Packard about MVNU’s new Community Music School. Click HERE to hear our conversation.

Click HERE to register and for a complete schedule of MVNU’s Community Music School.

All the Local Music!

person-822803_960_720.jpgToday on the Morning Thing, we talked with Sam Barone and Marty Bell about the upcoming music experiences in Knox County! Sam Barone is the event chair for the Summer Music Concert Series. Click HERE to hear him talk about Gospel Music Day! Marty Bell talked about Knox Idol with the Dan Emmett Music and Arts Festival! Click HERE to listen in! As always, thanks for listening!

34 Habits to Add to your Morning Routine

Good Morning!
On today’s show, we focused on the morning routine. We found some ways (34 to be exact) to improve your routine, so that your day gets even better.
Some highlights?
– Complete a 7 minute workout.
– Make yourself an antioxidant smoothie.
– Review your goals.
– Schedule your day.

Read the entire article from here!

Thanks for listening!
– Marcy and Todd

A Summer Music Camp is coming to MVNU!

Ohio Harmony 2

The Ohio Harmony Xperience is coming to Mount Vernon Nazarene University on 6/27.

WNZR’s Abigail Brown had a chance to talk with Camp Director, Darlene Inscholo about this exciting event for teens. Click HERE to hear their conversation.

Click HERE to find out more about Ohio Harmony Experience.

Local musician participates in a vocal competition

Megan Campbell

Local Musician, Megan Campbell shared her recent experience at a vocal competition with WNZR. Megan traveled to Sevierville, TN to participate in the Mountain Soul Vocal Competition in Dolly Parton’s hometown.

Click HERE to hear Megan’s conversation with WNZR’s Lilly Buckley

8 Phrases that Can Change Your Relationships

Good morning! This morning on the show, we talked about 8 simple phrases that can change your relationships.
Read what those are below and check out the whole article from Mark Merrill on here!

1.”I was wrong.”
A friend once shared with Mark, “You’re never more right than when you admit you’re wrong.” It’s important to acknowledge when we are wrong. It is a sign of true humility. It is the first step in asking for forgiveness.

2. “Help me understand.”
When you have a disagreement with someone, rather than becoming aggressive or defensive, decide to be curious. By taking the time to see where they are coming from and why they did what they did, you can reduce conflict. Really seeing their perspective may even change yours.

3. “That hurt me.”
It’s possible to air grievances without being confrontational. We don’t need to point the finger at someone else. By explaining how we feel without attaching blame—that hurt, not you hurt—we give the other person the opportunity to understand our feelings and consider the part they may have played without putting them on the defensive. We can assert ourselves without putting them down.

4. “Thanks very much.”
Recognizing other people’s actions and efforts works on many levels. It reminds us that we are not the center of the universe. It affirms and encourages others in who they are. It helps build cooperation and community. But it requires taking the time to notice the people around you, to pay attention.

5. “I value you.”
When you say these three words, you are essentially saying to someone that they are important to you. When people know they are valued, the relationship grows. You can fill the 4 chambers of your wife’s heart by saying that you value them.

Those 4 chambers of your wife’s heart are as follows…
Chamber 1:  Being Understood
Chamber 2:  Being Valued
Chamber 3:  Being Protected
Chamber 4:  Being Desired

6. “I respect you.”
We all want others to respect us. Saying these words, especially to a man, is a big deal. As Mark shared in Filling the 4 Chambers of Your Husband’s Heart, a man needs his woman to value and trust his opinions and decisions, even if they prove to be wrong sometimes. A man also wants his wife to respect his abilities.

Those 4 chambers of your husband’s heart are as follows…
Chamber 1: Validation
Chamber 2: Respect
Chamber 3: Loyalty
Chamber 4: Trust

7. “I love you.”
Don’t assume they know or believe it because you told them last week or because of the things that you do for them. Say these magical words to your wife, your parents, and your children when you or they leave the house, when you finish a call, first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

8. “I choose you.”
Marriage isn’t about saying yes on just one big day, it’s about saying the same thing every day afterward and forever. It’s about saying yes to us. When the honeymoon phase has given way to a season in which the sparks may be of conflict, not romance, remember that love is a choice.

These eight phrases are easy to learn, but they can sometimes be hard to speak. The words may be short, but they can get stuck in our throats. So often we are more concerned about our feelings, our rights, our needs, than those of others. But demonstrating the kind of humility these simple words show can speak volumes. In a me-me-me world, they put others first.

As St. Francis of Assisi prayed, “Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood, as to understand; to be loved, as to love; for it is in giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned.”

Thanks for listening!
– Lilly and Daria

2018 MVNU Women’s Auxiliary

jennifer Shaw (1)

MVNU has the amazing opportunity to host the Women’s Auxiliary Retreat again on campus this year! We would like to welcome Jennifer Shaw, an award-winning speaker, author, singer, and songwriter.

Warm. Real. Funny. Intelligent. Engaging. These are some of the words people use to describe Jennifer Shaw. But her favorite? “Christ-follower, absolutely,” she said. With a love for people and a heart to serve God, Jennifer wants nothing more than to point people toward the One who has changed everything in her own life.

WNZR’s own Marcy Rinehart had the opportunity to talk with Jennifer about her life and the upcoming Women’s Auxiliary Retreat!

Jennifer talks about all the different roles she plays and how she ‘juggles’ them all as well as talking about her music, her book “Typical” and her family. She also talks about the message that God has placed on her heart for women and the topic for this years Women’s Auxiliary Retreat.

You can listen to the whole conversation here!
Learn more about the Women’s Auxiliary Retreat here!
Find out more about Jennifer Shaw here!


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