Forgiving, It’s hard but necessary


Forgiving is something that we all struggle with, whether it is asking for forgiveness or forgiving someone, we all struggle.  Focus on the Family talks about how we can have two perspectives on humans in relation to forgiveness.  The Utopian perspective perceives people as perfect beings corrupted by society, whereas the redemption perspective sees us a beings with sin nature that only be can saved by God.  Those who side with redemption will find that forgiving others easier because the understand sin nature means that people make mistakes.

The full article goes on to cover being real when having a conversation about forgiveness, forgiving family members, and living style that shows gratefulness for your forgiveness.  If you would like to give it a read, click HERE.

We also shared some Bible verses that talk about Forgiveness because the Bible is a great source for Wisdom.  The full list can be found HERE.


Building stronger relationships between parents and kids – The Morning Thing 4/18/17


Today, The Morning Thing focused on the relationship between parents and kids.

We shared some wonderful insight from Focus on the Family on how to build healthy relationships with your kids. Click HERE to read the full article.

Pray, pray, pray – don’t make this a last resort, make it part of your routine.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NIV)
16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances;for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Get into their space.
From infancy through about age 8, kids spend a lot of time on the floor. We should be down there, too — playing games, pretending with dolls, building block forts. Fight the feeling that you’re acting stupid; crawl through those embarrassed feelings and meet your kids.

Keep it real.
As hard as it may be, recounting our missteps can help kids who are 12 and older learn from our errors. They also get to see we’re not perfect.

Enjoy family time.
A simple way to connect with your kids is eating together as a family. This is easy to do when they’re little, but as kids get older, sports and other activities compete with the family mealtime.

Do projects together.
You’ll need to think and pray about the right level of involvement for your children based on their ages and experience. Count on this: The project may take longer, and your children will not do things like you would. If you can accept these facts, you’ll discover an endearing, enjoyable time.

Be silly.
This isn’t just for small ones. Older kids like it when you act silly, too — even though you might hear, “Oh, Dad, stop it” or “This person is not my mother.”

Embarrassing children in public is not a good idea, but having fun in private keeps things light and makes you approachable. So go ahead, do the goofy dance, make funny faces, sing silly songs, talk for the dog.
We also shared 20 ingenious tricks on how to get your kids to open up about their school day. Click HERE to read the full article from

Here are 10 of the tricks:

  1. Tell me about today’s “thorn” (a not-great thing that happened) at school.
  2. Now tell me about the “rose” (the best thing that happened).
  3. Did anyone say something funny or tell a good joke?
  4. Was it a “play with your friends at recess” kind of day? Or a “chill by yourself on the swings” kind of day?
  5. You had art/music/computer today, right? What kind of project are you working on?
  6. Tell me something that you learned today that I don’t know. If you can stump me, I’ll do a goofy dance/read to you for an extra 10 minutes/watch an entire YouTube video with you (insert whatever works here).
  7. Tell me something kind that you did for someone today.
  8. Tell me something kind that someone else did for you.
  9. How many stars would you give the cafeteria food today?
  10. Did your friends get along really well today?

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It is Book Lovers Day! The Morning Thing 8/9/16


Today, The Morning Thing celebrated Book Lovers Day!

We found a list of 40 books that every Christian should read. Click HERE to see this amazing list of titles.

We also found Jim Daly’s top 10 list. Click HERE to see the titles that have impacted the President of Focus on the Family.

If you are looking for a list of the classics, click HERE. We found a great list of 30 books that everyone should read at least once in their lifetime.

Tell us YOUR favorite book titles. Email

Happy reading everyone!

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Summer Fun and fighting allergies – The Morning Thing 6/1/16

Dan with ice cream man

It’s summer and the kids are home….and bored! Today, The Morning Thing shared some great ideas on how to get crafty with your kids without using technology.
Click HERE for 10 ideas on how to have a screen-free, crafty afternoon with your kids.

Focus on the Family also has some great ideas for summer fun!

Are you ready for summer? It’s here, and with it comes wonderful opportunities to build family connections while engaging your youngsters in healthy and entertaining activities.

There are many things to do at low or no cost—in fact, your options are limited only by your imagination. But in case you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, consider these:

  • Go for a hike (take along a guidebook on birds or plants to make it educational).
  • Take the kids on a picnic, and bring a Frisbee® or ball to toss around.
  • Fly a kite.
  • Go camping for a weekend and let your children experience the great outdoors in new ways.
  • No pool? No problem! Have a lawn sprinkler party on a hot day (don’t forget the water blasters and water balloons).
  • Hang a tire swing in your yard, and teach your kids some handy knots in the process.
  • Ride bikes together.
  • Organize a neighborhood scavenger hunt.
  • Take your kids bowling. Many bowling centers allow children under a certain age to bowl up to two free games each day during the summer. Check out to find a participating bowling alley, or call your local bowling center.
  • Encourage your children to consider joining a community sports league.

There are many fun pursuits to keep your children active this summer. Enjoy them together as a family and you’ll all gain the rewards.

Summer also brings on allergy season. Today, The  Morning Thing shared some ways that you can allergy-proof your home. Click HERE for some tips that you can try today.

Summer is a time to enjoy spending time together. Stay connected to great family-friendly events around our community. Follow the Big Blue crew all summer long. Click HERE to see our summer calendar. If an event is listed, it is safe for your family.

Movies and spring cleaning – The Morning Thing 4/26/16

summer patio pic

Have you finished your spring cleaning? Have you cleaned outside the house? Now is a great time to tackle those home projects to get ready for the warm, summer outside activities. A little work now can help you prepare for summer fun!

Click HERE for 12 DIY Home Projects to tackle before spring ends.

movie insider logo
As we prepare for summer at our homes, theaters are preparing for a long list of summer blockbuster movie releases. Click HERE for a list of movie releases over the next few months.
The Morning Thing encourages parents to use this website for reviews on movies, TV shows, video games and books. You will receive a general overview plus details on both positive and negative content found in the entertainment.
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