Do you deal with stress and anxiety? Read this!


So many of us deal with stress and anxiety. Are we successful in handling it in our daily lives?
Today, The Morning Thing shared 7 insights from

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Here are seven ways to deal with anxiety and stress:

1. Admit There’s a Problem

2. Stop Self-Medicating in Unhealthy Ways

3. Take Care of Yourself Physically

4. Be Intentional About What Goes into Your Mind

5. Don’t Neglect the Spiritual

6. Consider Seeing a Doctor

7. Embrace the Blessing of Brokenness



Do you have a boy at your house? Check out this important information!


The Morning Thing is always looking for inspirational thoughts and information to share each morning from 6am – 9am.

This morning, we shared some wonderful insight from speaker and author, Shaunti Feldhan. She shared some inspiration for Moms of boys recently in her blog “Helping you thrive in life and relationships”.

Here are 3 things every boy needs to hear from his Mom:
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#1: I’m So Proud of You. 

All males are powerfully moved by hearing these words, but perhaps none more so than the young, testosterone-laden boys who may at times act first, think later, and thus are more used to hearing (as they are stitched up in the Emergency Room) “What were you thinking?” If you make a point of finding and saying those things worth praising whenever they happen (like when they try out for a sports team, audition for a play or plow their way through a tough paper for Lit class), it tells a young man that this is truly who he is—not that buffoon who occasionally gets dinged for doing something dumb.

#2: Sure, You Can Try It!

I hesitate to put this phrase so soon after the act-first-think-later-then-require-stitches example used above, but this truly is powerful in a young man’s life—especially when he hears it from “Cautious Mom” rather than “Adventure Dad.” Dads (having been young men themselves) know how vital it is that a boy try to do something on his own. Yes, he might try and fail (see Emergency Room example above), but he might do OK. Better yet, he might actually shine! It is hard for us to let our boy take this risk—no matter how big and husky (these are our babies!)—it is essential for his confidence for the future that he be able to try and try again.

#3: It Was Just a Mistake. You’ll Do Better Next Time.

We women sometimes think that we have to make a point of holding up a mistake so our son recognizes that he failed and doesn’t do something that way again. (“See what happens when you don’t study long enough?” “You forgot your equipment for practice again? That’s why you kept getting benched last year.”) But the research with men and boys is clear: your son does recognize he failed at something. For a guy, a mistake or a way he didn’t succeed at what he tried to do, is a huge, huge deal. It looms large in a boy’s mind, condemning him oh, every five minutes or so. Your son needs to hear you say you believe in him and you know he’ll do it right next time. “I know you’ll be studying hard this next few weeks before exams and you’ll do great.” And if you say it, it builds him up to believe he can do it.

A boy will never be perfect at what he does. After all, we aren’t either, right? But approaching his actions in these I-believe-in-you ways makes it far more likely that he actually will do it right over time. In other words: by your words of affirmation, you are helping your son to actually become that great young man you know he can be.

Resilience Film – The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope


WNZR joins New Directions and the Knox Network of Christian Ministries to being a special film to our community. Resilience: The Biology of Stress & the Science of Hope.

We had the chance to talk with Janet Chandler about the importance of this film and how it will impact the Knox County community. To listen to our full conversation, click HERE!

When: Friday, February 23, 2018 from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Where: Thorne Performance Hall on the campus of Mount Vernon Nazarene University

This event will include a showing of the film Resilience: The Biology of Stress and Science of Hope followed by an open discussion of the film. The film provides a foundation for understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the long-term impact that ACEs have on individuals and their communities. Community members interested in disrupting the cycles of violence, addiction and disease are invited to attend.

Resilience: The Biology of Stress & the Science of Hope chronicles the birth of a new movement among pediatricians, therapists, educators and communities who are using cutting edge brain science to disrupt cycles of violence, addiction and disease. Experts and practitioners profiled in this film are proving what’s predicable IS preventable.

For more information contact Janet Chandler at or call (740) 522-1232

Happy Valentine’s Day! You CAN have lasting love, past today.


Today is special – it’s Valentine’s Day. What happens after today is over? We found 7 laws of lasting love to help you show your love once February 14th is over.


1. They share an ultimate vision about their relationship.

2. They are committed to unconditional love.  

3. They fulfill each other’s needs.

4. They trust the good intentions of the partner.

5. They master effective communication.

6. They keep curiosity alive.

7. They never get tired of starting over.

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(Picture of Rachel and Andrew Yoder – former WNZR DJs)