Control: what to do when you don’t have it

downloadThis morning we focused on control. Jenna and Eddie talked about how to evaluate situations in your life and what to do when things are out of your control.

Throughout the show we noticed a trend: we can control ourselves, our reactions, and our attitudes but we can’t control others. With this in mind we dug into an article from Bustle, 9 Ways To Deal With Things You Can’t Control, So You Can Feel Less Stressed Everyday. 

1. Ask Yourself, “Can I Control This?”

2. Reframe Your Perspective

3. Check Your Narrative

4. Accept Imperfections

5. Embrace Change

6. Think About What You Can Control

7. Throw Yourself Into Plan B

8. Think About How Your Reaction Will Affect You

9. Be Aware Of Your Body

Read the full article from Bustle, HERE!

take dad to dinner 2017_v960x540

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