Tips for Parents: from fidget spinners to talking to your kids.


Today on the show we talked about the benefits and dangers of fidget spinners for your children, and the things that parents should know about them. See the entire article about fidget spinners here!

We also talked about how to talk to your kids. There are 20 things you can do to talk to your child, and to be listened to. Here are some examples:

  1. Use your child’s name. Your own name is music to your ears. Our kids are no different, plus it helps to get their attention before delivering your message. eg “George, please go and get……..”. Young children can often only concentrate on one thing at a time. Call your child’s name until you have their attention before you speak. Ex “Helen”. (Wait until she stops kicking the ball and looks at you.) “Lunch will be ready in ten minutes”.
  2. Connect with your child with eye contact. You may need to get down to their level or sit at the table with them. When you are chatting with your kids, this shows them also what they should do. Not only is it good manners, it helps you to listen to each other.Say your child’s name until you get their eye contact, especially before giving them a direction. It is important that they give you their attention, and you should model the same behavior for them.
  3. Be gentle but firm – if you have made your decision about something, stick to it. Make sure you and your partner agree on the issue and stay united on your decision. Your kids may not like the decision at the time, but they will know it stands firm and won’t bother persisting with either of you or playing one parent off against the other. Make your requests important and speak as though you mean it. Requesting made in a wishy-washy tone gives kids the impression you are not that concerned whether they follow your request or not.

See the complete list here!


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