Today is special! It is Volunteer Recognition Day, High Five Day and Look Alike Day. How will you celebrate?


Every day is special, but today is extra special. It is Volunteer Recognition Day – a day to honor those who have dedicated large parts of their lives to helping others. How can you celebrate?  Find a way you can help someone! (picture from
Volunteer Recognition Day dates back to Ben Franklin’s days in Philadelphia. He was the creator of the very first volunteer fire department. Click HERE to read more about the history of recognizing volunteers.

Helping others is biblical! Click HERE to see 100 Bible Verses about Volunteer Work.

Click HERE for some great ideas on how to appreciate your volunteers. Start today!

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It’s also High Five Day. Since 2002, the third Thursday of April is recognized as National High Five Day—a 24-hour period for giving friends and strangers alike as many high fives as humanly possible. A few University of Virginia students invented the day, which has since evolved into a “High 5-A-Thon” that raises money each year for cancer research.
Did you know there are many different ways to give a high five? The low five, the baby five, the air five, the fist bump…..and many more. Click HERE for a complete list and description. Give someone a high five today and make them feel appreciated.

Harder boys

It is also Look Alike Day! This day was created as a fun day to look like another person. Celebrate National Look Alike Day by picking someone you will see today or select a celebrity and dress up like them. Fix your hair like their’s and talk like them all day long!
(Picture of Gerod and Guy Harder at the Twinsburg Festival)

Have fun with National Look Alike Day and post your pictures on Social Media using #NationalLookALikeDay.
Click HERE to read the interesting history behind this special day.
Who do you look like? Reflect on 2 Corinthians 3:18, where Paul tells us that we “are being transformed into [the Lord’s] image.” As we seek to honor Jesus with our lives, one of our goals is to take on His image. Take a few minutes and read this devotional from Our Daily Bread, click HERE for some insight on how to look more like Jesus.


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