Hangout with God. He wants YOU to spend time with HIM!


Happy National Hangout Day!

Sure, hanging out with friends and family is fun, and they love hanging out with you, but there is someone out there, someone greater, stronger, and more loving wanting to spend time with you.

That is God.

God, wants you to talk to Him more than anything. He wants to be a part of your life, so give it a shot. Create or grow that friendship with Christ today. Let Him listen to you, and help you. He loves you more than anything, you are His creation, and He is our Father.

If we have God, our soul is at peace, and we know that we can take on anything life throws at us. He is an all knowing, an amazing listener, and the most loving caring Father out there.

What does He have to say to you today?

Say Hi, and tell Him you know that He’s with you, and keeping you safe today. A thank you could be all that it takes to keep that relationship growing, or even create a new one. He wants to be with you, always.

Here’s a LIST of 25 Bible Verses about Spending Time With God that will keep you motivated, and realize how much He wants to be in your life.


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