Bad Habits that Every Christian Must Break-The Morning Thing 3/7/17


Bad Habits Every Christian Must Break

Whether we realize it or not, everything we do in life is made up mostly by our habits.  Both good and bad habits play a huge part in our life.  Did you ever stop to think that God is interested in the habits you are cultivating and living out?

What habits can be found in my life that don’t please my Heavenly Father?  What habits might you have that aren’t necessarily glorifying God?  Rebekah Joy shares some of the bad habits she has encountered in her life, and she helps us navigate through those in order to help our walk with Christ.

Bad Habit #1:  Putting other things before God

Bad Habit #2: Not making enough time for prayer


Bad Habit #3: Laziness

Bad Habit #4: Poor Stewardship.

Bad Habit #5: Grumbling and Complaining

Bad Habit #6: Gluttony

For the entire article, click HERE


When You’re Not Feeling Close to God-Questions to Ask Yourself

Barb Raveling gives us a great list of questions to ask ourselves when we are feeling distant from God. She also incorporates some encouraging Bible verses. Here are the questions we need to ask ourselves.

1. Are you making anything more important than He wants you to make it?


2. Why are you spending time with Him?


3. Do you need to confess a sin?



4.  Do you know that God loves you?


5. Are you going to God with your own agenda, or are you going to God for His agenda?


6. Are you spending enough time with Him?


7. Is there anything you need to accept?

For the entire 2 part article, Click HERE for Part 1, and HERE for Part 2.

We hope these articles help you with your daily walk with Christ, and give you practical advice for your day to day life. Thanks so much for listening to The Morning Thing!

Marcy and Rachel Rinehart




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