It is National Random Acts of Kindness Day! Celebrate with The Morning Thing!



Observed on February 17th, National Random Acts of Kindness Day has grown in popularity each year.  It is celebrated by individuals, groups and organizations nationwide to encourage acts of kindness.

What will YOU do today to show kindness to others?
We found a really great list of ways to show kindness to others at

Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Every Day of the Month

Using your words
1.Smile and say hello to everyone in your path. Your smile could turn someone’s day around!
2.Compliment a stranger —what they are wearing, what they did or their great smile.
3.Tell a mom out shopping with her kids that she’s doing a great job (and that her children are adorable!). We all need to hear we’re doing a great job sometimes!
4.Thank a police officer for his or her service.
5.Go sit and talk with a friend who has been having a tough time.
6.Whenever you introduce someone, tell others something great about him or her.
7.When you receive great service, thank the person — and then tell their superior (or write an email to corporate, if fitting).
8.Acknowledge every worker you meet in the same friendly manner — from the corporate CEO to the custodian to the security guard.
9.Ask someone random how his or her day is — and listen.
10.Call a person who has made a difference in your life and tell them just that.
11.Have a conversation with the homeless person you would normally pass by.

Click HERE to see the complete list. See ideas on how do do random acts of kindness using your skills, with what you have and with a small amount of money.

This morning, we also shared some bible verses that talk about Acts of Kindness. Click HERE to see a list of 58 powerful bible verses on this topic of kindness.

We love to hear stories of Random Acts of Kindness. We shared a few this morning.
Click HERE to read about an Ohio student that spent months making 1,300 valentines for her high school classmates. AMAZING!

Click HERE to hear the amazing story of how a local softball league from Mount Vernon are reaching out to an 8 year old girl from Florida. This story is amazing! This precious girl was turned away from a Father/Daughter dance because she didn’t have a Dad. This girl will be in Mount Vernon this weekend to attend a dance with her new friends from Mount Vernon. Please take a few moments and listen to this story.

For our Morning Thing Fave 5 – each co-host shared a random act of kindness they have received.
Click HERE to hear Kelsey Bryte’s story.
Click HERE for Dan Monnin’s story.
Click HERE for Jenna Potts’ story.
Click HERE for Marcy Rinehart’s story.




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