Dating – how has it changed over the decades? The Morning Thing 2/7/17


It’s Dating 101 – from generation to generation.
Today, Marcy and Jenna talked about how dating has changed over the past few decades.
Times have definitely changed and so has dating!
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Take a listen to a true-to-life description of the differences of dating from 1980 to 2017! Click HERE to listen as Marcy and Jenna share dating insights from freelance writer Maureen Stiles from
You’ll love this! :-)

You can follow Maureen through her monthly column at and find her at her blog, Magnificence in the Mundane.

We also talked with Jenna’s Mom, Missy Potts about how much dating has changed. Missy has been working as a youth pastor for over 25 years. Click HERE to hear our conversation (and get some great advice)!

Check out this article from Sarah Kelsey that shows us 10 Ways Dating Now is Different Than Dating in the ‘80s. Click HERE to read the full article.
1. How did you meet? Social media has changed this answer.
2. First dates no longer exist.  In 2017, a potential date has been Googled, Facebooked and Internet-stalked so much that there’s no real need for first-date jitters.
3. Keeping in Touch. Remember way back when the wait to hear back from a crush was agonizing? You’d have to sit by the phone and pray they’d call (and that your mom, father or sibling wouldn’t pick up when they did!). Now getting in touch with someone is as simple as sending a quick text.
4. Wardrobe Requirements. ‘80s outfits were the best. The hair! The scrunchies! The high-waisted jeans! It was all so over-the-top. What has changed?  A date now is much more casual and relaxed. Sweatpants are a suitable pant option.
5. Blind Dates. Blind dates aren’t really blind anymore because so much information is shared on a potential dating candidate before the big event actually happens. People can even text their date a photo of what they’re wearing so they can be picked out from a crowd.
6. What’s Romantic? Girls in the ‘80s wanted to be romanced: with romantic tunes, dancing, birthday cakes and sweet words. Today, being romantic is much more elaborate. Sweeping gestures are way more public; they may even involve videographers who capture a moment on film then promptly post it to YouTube.
7. Cost-Effectiveness. Dating was a lot cheaper in the 80s. Movies were cheap, candy was only five cents and drive-ins combined food and a movie all for the price of $5. Today, going out will set you back at least $25.
8. What You Do. The skyrocketing price of date-night activities has led to a complete shift in what potential couples actually do. Concerts or movie dates have given way to park sits and even window shopping. Free lectures, art talks and even cooking a meal at home are also more contemporary options.
9. Following Up With an Ex. Another danger of the Internet age is post-breakup stalking of an ex. Back in the ‘80s finding out what someone was up to was a long, arduous process; news traveled so slow that by the time you heard an update it was probably outdated. Thanks to Facebook, finding out what an ex is up to is only a small click away.
10. Breaking Up. Ending a relationship is harder than ever in 2017. Not only do you have to do the deed in person (it’s never acceptable to do it via text or a phone call), but you also have to change your relationship status on multiple social platforms. You may even consider de-friending him, her or their posse of pals.



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