ATTAINABLE New Year’s Resolutions

keep-those-fitness-resolutionsToday we talked about healthy New Year’s Resolutions. Jessica Matthews, senior health and fitness expert for the American Council on Exercise and assistant professor of health and exercise science at Miramar College in San Diego, Calif. says the biggest mistake is setting unattainable fitness goals.

She said that, “While the spirit behind setting a New Year’s resolution is to make positive change to one’s health and fitness, so often people establish goals without being realistic about where they are starting from. Even if perhaps your current level of fitness is not where you want it to be, being honest with yourself about where you are presently and using that information as a baseline from which to work will help you to establish realistic, attainable goals for the new year.”

The goal is to set SMART resolutions. All fitness resolutions should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. This enables you to see your success and progress throughout the year. For attainable fitness resolutions and more about SMART goals, click HERE!

We also talked about healthy eating resolutions that you can actually stick to! suggests we focus on the following five areas.

  1. Seek Out Seafood – aim to get 2 servings of fish a week.
  2. Pile on the Veggies – you should be getting 2-3 servings a day.
  3. Up your Fiber intake – the average American eats 14 grams but the recommended intake is 21-38 grams.
  4. Eat less Meat – this will help your heart and overall health. You should consider eating more tofu.
  5. Rein in your Sugar addiction – instead eat natural sugars found in fruit.

For more information about setting attainable healthy eating resolutions, click HERE!


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