Tips for a GREAT Christmas Party! The Morning Thing 12/5/16


It’s the most wonderful time of the year……unless YOU are in charge of the Christmas Party.

Don’t worry, we found some advice for the party host.
We found 5 great tips from (and it’s not just about money).
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Skip the Stress

If party planning and gift buying has you frazzled, weary and stressed, then take a deep breath and remember what the Christmas season is all about. Yes, that’s a cliché. But this season of giving should help you take your focus off yourself and place it on other people. Stress brings out the worst in all of us, making for a much less joyful Christmas.

Don’t Go Overboard

Christmas parties are as varied as the people who attend them. You don’t have to throw an over-the-top black-tie event for 100 people. Invite 10 friends to your house for a casual potluck dinner. You’ll save a lot of money and reduce a lot of stress.

Ask for Help

Don’t turn down friends or family when they offer assistance. You may think you have it all covered, but you should probably think again. Do you need help with cleaning? Food? Decorations? Delegate a few tasks and your whole experience will be better.

Check the Schedule

Talk with friends and check the community calendar. If you are able, plan your party on a date that doesn’t conflict with other events. You don’t want to be the person who planned a cool party—and nobody showed up.

Involve the Guests

How can your guests participate before the party? “Dirty Santa” or “White Elephant” parties are always popular. Other ideas: the most creative holiday garb, ugliest sweater, or guess-the-recipe contests. Give your guests something they can look forward to.

Remember, it’s fine to create fun Christmas memories by hosting a great party. But, as always, use some common sense. Christmas only comes once a year, so enjoy the season while it’s here. shares a step-by-step process to plan your party. The say to be sure you plan every last detail before the party begins so you can enjoy your holiday gathering along with your guests. Click HERE to follow the timeline and plan a Christmas party that impresses your guests without all the stress.

Here are some highlights:
Click HERE to read the entire article.

1 month before (or a few weeks before)

  • Set Your Budget
  • Make a Guest List
  • Pick a Date
  • Choose a Theme
  • Customize & Send Party Invitations\
  • Choose a Venue
  • Plan the Menu
  • Recruit Help

1 Week Before the Party

  • Clean the House
  • Double Check Servingwear
  • Make Playlist
  • Follow Up on RSVPs

1 Day Before the party

  • Decorate
  • Make Food Ahead of Time
  • Pick Up the House

Day of the Party

  • Prepare and Plate Food

Ideally, if you’ve followed this timeline, the day of your party will be a breeze. All you will need to do is prepare and plate your food and drinks before guests start arriving.

The most important thing to remember in planning your holiday gathering is that the ultimate goal is to spend time with your guests and enjoy yourself. Follow these tips for planning for your Christmas party, and you will be well on your way to hosting a great Christmas party!


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