Election Day – Stay Informed! The Morning Thing 11/8/16

This morning, as we prepare to head to the polls, we talked with MVNU’s Political Science Professor Terilyn Johnston Huntington. She explained why it is so important that each citizen cast their vote and how each vote affects the Electoral College. Plus, have you ever wondered why Ohio is considered a “swing state”? Or, how the elected President will impact the Supreme Court? Terilyn explains it all! To hear our conversation, click HERE!

Before you head to the polls, take a minute to get informed on the local candidates and issues!! Here is a quick look at what to expect. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 12.16.21 PM.png
Design by Gerod Harder


  • Voters in Knox County will vote for the U.S. President, U.S. Senator, 7th district House Representative, State Supreme Court, and State School Board along with several local issues and candidates.
  • Knox County voters will choose whether to re-elect Republican Commissioner Thom Collier or pick his Democratic Challenger, Mary Chapa.
  • Voters will choose a new State Representative for the 68th District, as Margaret Ann Ruhl cannot run due to term limits. The candidates are Republican Rick Carfagna, Independent Douglas Crowl and Democrat John Russell.
  • Centerburg voters will see a bond issue on their ballot to help raise funds to upgrade athletic and agriculture education facilities. Residents will also vote on a general operation levy and voice their opinion on the future of the water supply.
  • Voters in the East Knox District will decide on a property tax levy to help stabilize finances, bring back art and music programs, hire special education teachers and increase high school advanced placement classes.
  • Northridge district voters will consider a combination bond issue and property tax that will fund improvements, renovations and a new pre-kindergarten through sixth-grade building.
  • Liberty Township will vote on whether or not it will leave the Central Ohio Joint Fire District and pay for a contract with the Mount Vernon Fire Department.
  • College Township will vote on a levy to help pay for the township’s fire and EMS services.
  • The one county-wide issue is a 5-year replacement of the senior citizens’ levy.

For the full list of candidates and issues or to view a sample ballot, visit the Knox County Board of Elections, HERE!

To find your specific polling location click, HERE!

We encourage you to vote! Polls opened at 6:30 this morning and will remain open until 7:30 tonight. Tune into WNZR around 7:40p.m. for election updates! We will keep you informed all evening as county, state, and national results are tallied! 



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