Want more energy for your day? The Morning Thing 9/27/16

Do you struggle to get going in the morning? Are you reaching for multiple cups of coffee? Well, you are not alone! The Morning Thing crew struggles too.
We found 10 natural energy-boosting combos that we can EAT or DRINK! These are much better than caffeine or sugary energy drinks.

Maria Connor writes for www.active.com and says that the key is to include lean protein with quality carbs.

  • Handful of almonds mixed with a handful of whole grain cereal
  • Beet juice with low-fat string cheese
  • A smoothie with yogurt, a few strawberries and a banana or a mandarin orange and handful of walnuts
  • Salmon and half a cup of quinoa or brown rice
  • A glass of chocolate milk

Click HERE to see Maria’s list of natural energy-boosting foods.

http://www.carbswitch.com says that “Cleansing and detoxing needs to be an ongoing, daily effort in view of our constant exposure to environment toxins ”.
Click HERE to see a recipe for a body cleanse drink.

Here is some information on how to naturally cleanse your body.



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