A shoebox full of gifts can change a life! The Morning Thing 9/26/16


Today on the show, The Morning Thing shared a full circle story from Operation Christmas Child.

Kojo Abakah was born and raised in a very poor town in Ghana. His family of nine lived in a one-room clay house. He remembers walking one and a half to two miles each day to school, having no money and no food. Kojo is grateful for the challenges and the financial difficulties he faced as a child, as that was what made him rely on God.

Kojo was in 4th grade, 12 years of age when he received his Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift. He remembers it being a Friday afternoon when majority of the students had already gone home and those who were still present began hearing a lot of noise outside the building. When they ran outside, they saw other schools join them. After all the students assembled, the visitors told them about Jesus and taught everyone the song “Jesus Loves Me.” After the song, the students received shoeboxes. Kojo remembers everyone jumping up and down with excitement. For him it was his first gift he has ever received. His favorite items in it were school supplies, a set of toy cars and a yo-yo. Every time he rolled the yo-yo out he remembered the song the missionaries taught him, “Jesus loves you this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”

The song that he learned that day always stayed with him. The seed was sowed in his life and he knew he needed a good farmer to take care of that seed. He started going to church and his faith started to grow from the simple truth of the song “Jesus Loves Me This I Know.” He started serving in the church and serving God with all he had in him.

Kojo came to the United States in 2012 to attend Tusculum College in Tennessee. He dreams of finishing pharmacy school and to use any opportunity available to share the truth that he now knows without a shadow of doubt – Jesus loves me THIS I know, for the Bible tells me so!

Please take a few minutes, click HERE and listen to Kojo’s amazing story!
Also, click HERE to find out how YOU can pack a shoebox and help change a life forever!
Click HERE to see a countdown to National Collection Week in November.


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