The Morning Thing LOVES MVNU!

Opening ceremony

Today, we wrapped up “Back to College” week on The Morning Thing. The campus of Mount Vernon Nazarene University is buzzing with activity as students return for the 2016-2017 school year.

New students moved in on Thursday 9/1. Upperclassmen return to campus today and tomorrow.
We talked with Dr. Henry Spaulding, MVNU’s President to find out more about what is happening on campus. Click HERE to hear our September MVNU Presidential Update.

For our Morning Thing Fave 5, we shared our 5 favorite college experiences.
1. Participating in groups. We love the learning experiences and the opportunities to build lifelong friendships. Sometimes the group is part of a class or an extra-curricular activity. Groups always give us a chance to have fun and gain a different perspective on life.
2. Sports. It’s fun to be a fan! It’s also fun to be a participant. At MVNU, there are many opportunities to cheer for our collegiate athletes. There are also many opportunities to get in the game, especially through intramurals. We encourage everyone to become a “Cougar Crazie” and join the fun. *You can follow MVNU sports with WNZR. Go to and watch live competitions through our video streaming.*
3. Chapel. MVNU is proud to offer 3 services each week, 10:20am – 11:10am. Chapel is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other students and strengthen your spiritual walk. This time is a perfect chance for students to gain focus and encouragement for their busy lives. *You  can watch chapel LIVE at*
4. Trips. MVNU offers SO many opportunities to travel, both in the US and to international destinations. Trips give us incredible learning experiences, plus lifelong memories. Our Morning Thing co-hosts have traveled to New York, Florida, Tennessee and California.
5. Events on campus. MVNU’s calendar is always full of fun events for both the campus and surrounding community. Some of our favorite events include: Sonfest (coming 9/24), Lecture Artist Series, concerts, plays and conference. *You can stay connected to MVNU’s calendar at this link *

(Picture above was taken by James Smith, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management at Mount Vernon Nazarene University (MVNU) at the Opening Ceremony with new students.)



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