Say “I LOVE You” to your favorite college student – The Morning Thing 8/30/16


Are you facing an empty nest? Or do you know any college students? The Morning Thing found 12 ways to say “I Love You” – practical things you can do when your college student needs to know you care. Click HERE to see an amazing list (that parents should start trying right away….says the college students that work at WNZR)!

One great way to say “I Love You” is to send a care package. Check out this list of 50 ideas for the best things to put into care packages.

Another way to show you care is to pray for the college students that you love. The students at WNZR definitely appreciate your support and prayers. You can meet the staff by clicking HERE. New student move-in day is Thursday 9/1 at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Please pray for the incoming freshman class. Classes begin on Monday 9/5. Please pray for the entire student body as fall semester begins.


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