Facing the empty nest – The Morning Thing 8/29/16


As Marcy gets Rachel ready for her big college move-in day, we decided to take some time to focus in on that important transition from high school to college. On today’s show, we shared some wonderful advice to those parents facing the empty nest. This season in your life may feel like an ending, but it’s also a new beginning.

Click HERE to read this insightful article from Mary Ann Froehlich from www.Christiancollegeguide.net.

Need some help in packing? Click HERE to see a list of 12 surprising items your kid should be packing for college.

Parents – keep listening this week as we continue talking about the transition from high school to college.
Here is what is coming up:

Tuesday (Marcy and Kelsey) – On Tuesday’s show we will continue talking to the empty nest parents. We will share 12 ways to Say “I Love You” – practical things you can do when your college student needs to know you care. We’ll talk about the best things to put into care packages. Our Morning Thing co-hosts will share their own favorite care package stories.

On Wednesday (Marcy and Eddie) – We’ll share some tips on being smart – smart with money and smart with snacking. We found 5 tips for raising money smart kids. Plus, we found some wonderful healthy and portable high protein Snack Ideas.

On Thursday (Jenna and Dan) –
On Thursday’s show we will celebrate New Student Move-In Day at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. We’ll talk with several members of MVNU’s Student Life staff and give you a highlight of Welcome Week on campus.
Our co-hosts will also share their favorite Move-In Day stories. You’ll hear how it all started at MVNU for Marcy, Jess, Dan, Eddie, Aubrey, Kelsey and Jenna. 

 On Friday (Marcy and Aubrey) – We will celebrate another First Friday and give you a preview of a HUGE September First Friday event in downtown Mount Vernon. We’ll also chat with MVNU’s Dr. Henry Spaulding for our September Presidential Update.

For our Morning Thing Fave 5, The Morning Thing co-hosts will share their favorite college experience here at MVNU.

(picture from http://marybuchan.com/filling-empty-nest/)


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