It is “Be An Angel Day”! How will you show kindness to others today? The Morning Thing 8/22/16


Today, we celebrate “Be An Angel” Day.

History of Be An Angel Day
Jayne Howard Feldman opened the doors to this celebration in 1993. She wanted to encourage people to do random acts of kindness.

How to celebrate Be An Angel Day (from
This would be the day to put others before yourself. Mow a neighbor’s lawn, maybe watch their kids for a few hours so they can eliminate some of the stress in their lives. Show gratitude and thanks to someone that you know. Thank them for everything they do for you, even if it is just a call, a hug or a thank you note. Write a note to a loved one, fill a random parking meter, volunteer at a soup kitchen. Plant a tree or two, clean up litter at your local park or even give out some flowers to a random stranger. Donate some clothing or items from your home that you don’t use anymore, or just reach out to someone who needs a little help. Every action we take that helps another can result in many different things occurring, not the least of which are lasting friendships, eternal gratitude and or sometimes just a feeling of contentment of doing something good. While it is true we should all strive to be more kind in our daily lives, and more aware of the plights those around us suffer from, this is the day to really embrace generosity, on this, Be An Angel Day.

We found a great website that will give you great ideas on how to show kindness to others.
Try showing kindness to someone else today and see how much it can change YOUR day!

We saw a true random act of kindness at the 2016 Rio Olympics. At the 5,000 meter run last week, two runners collided, but they both managed to finish the race due to a combined act of kindness. The collision happened between USA runner, Abbey D’Agostino and Nikki Hamblin from New Zealand.  D’Agostino was able to get back up and was about to push forward until she saw Hamblin unable to get up herself. So, D’Agostino helped her. At this moment, D’Agostino realized that she herself was unable continue, and collapsed once more. Now was Hamblin’s time to return the favor as she pulled D’Agostino to standing. Hamblin finished in second to last place, and D’Agostino finished last, nursing a limp from her fall. (news story from

D’Agostino was taken off the track for treatment, but Hamblin lingered and spoke to reporters afterward to praise D’Agostino’s kindness.

“I went down, and I was like, ‘What’s happening? Why am I on the ground?’ ” Hamblin said. “Then suddenly, there’s this hand on my shoulder [and D’Agostino saying], ‘Get up, get up, we have to finish this.’ And I’m like, ‘Yup, yup, you’re right. This is the Olympic Games. We have to finish this.’

“I’m so grateful for Abbey for doing that for me. That girl is the Olympic spirit right there. I’ve never met her before. I’ve never met this girl before, and isn’t that just so amazing? Regardless of the race and the result on the board, that’s a moment that you’re never, ever going to forget for the rest of your life, that girl shaking my shoulder like, ‘Come on, get up.’ ”

This reignited Hamblin’s drive, as she thought “Yup, yup, you’re right. This is the Olympic Games. We have to finish this.”
(quotes from

Click HERE to see the video from NBC Sports.

We also shared a conversation with Mike Skaggs about his ministry at Kenyon College. Mike is part of the Coalition for Christian Outreach. Click HERE to hear about this exciting ministry at Kenyon and find out how you can pray for the students this year.

So we encourage you to BE an Angel today! A simple act of kindness can change the world.




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