The 2016 Rio Olympic Games kick-off TODAY! The Morning Thing 8/5/16

Brazil Olympic Games Emblem

The Morning Thing celebrated the start of the 2016 Summer Olympic games today. The crew is SUPER excited.

The Morning Thing crew shared their favorite Olympic athletes for The Morning Thing Fave 5:
Kelsey Bryte loves Kerri Walsh Jennings (of course since Kelsey plays volleyball).
Jessica Wells is cheering for gymnast Simone Biles (and can relate to her height).
Marcy Rinehart loves swimmer Missy Franklin (because she really loves her family and doesn’t hide the power of Mom and Dad’s support in competition).
Aubrey Bailey also will be cheering on a swimmer, Ryan Lochte. (He is coming into the Rio Games with a new focus and goal for hitting the medal stand).
Eddie Dilts really likes cyclist Brent Bookwalter. (He loves how Brent pushes himself in every race).
Dan Monnin is cheering for Olympic gold medalist Ashton Eaton. He will be returning the the decathlon for the Rio Games (and we will hopefully see him back on the medal stand).
Click HERE to hear The Morning Thing team talk about their favorite Olympians.

WNZR is proud to bring you the 2016 “WNZR Olympic Updates”! 
More than 11,000 world-class athletes from 206 different countries will gather in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to pursue a gold medal. They will compete over 16 days in 306 different events within 28 sports disciplines!

“WNZR’s Olympic Updates” will feature Olympic news, highlights, medal counts and a look ahead at high profile events for the following day.

Tune in for these “WNZR Olympic Updates” each weekday (Monday through Friday) starting on Friday, August 5th – the opening day of the 2016 Summer Games.

You can hear the updates at 8:30am, 12:30pm and 5:30pm.

Thanks to G.R Smith Hardware, Kahrl and Company Insurance, Revere Roofing Company (formerly AABIC Roofing Company) and Valley ATV Polaris Can-Am for their support of bringing the “WNZR Olympic Updates”!
GO Team USA!









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