First impressions and watermelon!

Today wewatermelon

It’s National Watermelon Day! Doesn’t this salsa look great?  It’s actually a Watermelon Fire and Ice Salsa that Dan and I found on (click here for the link).

Today in the 6:00 hour, we shared some tips on how to make a good first impression.  Here’s a summary:

  • be confident in who you are (this gives others confidence, too)
  • be calm and composed (if you’re nervous, they might be too)
  • be yourself (don’t try to be or act like someone you’re not; be honest)
  • develop approachable and friendly body language (like a smile and a firm handshake)
  • avoid fidgeting (especially with your phone)
  • relax (have good posture but don’t be stiff like a robot)

Here’s another link to an article about first impressions from Forbes magazine.

Thanks for listening!

-Joe pinch-hitting for Marcy


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