It’s Ice Cream Sandwich Day!!!

Aubrey and Kelsey were excited to talk about Ice Cream Sandwich Day! I mean summer is almost over so why not celebrate it by experimenting with different ice cream recipes? Let’s get started!!!

We talked about soo many different Ice Cream Sundae Recipes! Click HERE to check it out! From Strawberry Sundaes to the Cookie Lovers Sundae you’ll find all of the recipes you’ll need to get you through the rest of your summer. Also, there at TWO ice cream sundae TIPS included at the end of the recipe that you do NOT want to miss!

West Virginia ice cream

The Morning Thing Game of the Day: We asked the question… What year was the modern version of the ice cream sandwich invented by Jerry Newberg??? Kim knew the correct answer which was 1945! Congratz Kim and enjoy your five dollar gift certificate to the Southside Diner!

If you are a busy person, like us, and want to make a delicious snack on the go we gave you 9 recipes for making ice cream sandwiches in 60 seconds or less! Check it out HERE!


Thank you so much for listening and visiting our website! We really appreciate you! Enjoy your ice cream sandwich today! YOU DESERVE IT.See ya tomorrow on The Morning Thing!



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