How To Have a Worry-Free Week

Feeling worried or anxious? Well today on the Morning Thing, we talked all about how to combat those feelings.

We shared an article from Joyce Meyer that you can find here, where she talks about where worry comes from and how we can combat it.

We also shared a list of 20 comforting Bible verses to look at whenever you are experiencing worry. You can find the complete list by clicking here.

Plus, we gave away a lot of prizes on the show today! Congratulations to Julie from Fredericktown who was our Bible trivia winner. Our question was “What was the name of Moses’ brother?”, and Julie correctly answered that it was Aaron. She picks up a $5 gift certificate to the Southside Diner.

Mervin from Mount Vernon was our next winner! He picked up a pair of tickets to see Uncommon Brilliance, the Heritage Center documentary that will be screened later this week.

And we gave away a pair of tickets to see Lauren Daigle and Matthew West at the Ohio State Fair this Saturday, and Sandy from Mount Vernon was our winner of those.

Make sure to head over to our Scrapbook at to see if you or anyone you know is in our pictures from the 2016 Knox County Fair!

Have a great and worry-free Monday!



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