Summer Fun and fighting allergies – The Morning Thing 6/1/16

Dan with ice cream man

It’s summer and the kids are home….and bored! Today, The Morning Thing shared some great ideas on how to get crafty with your kids without using technology.
Click HERE for 10 ideas on how to have a screen-free, crafty afternoon with your kids.

Focus on the Family also has some great ideas for summer fun!

Are you ready for summer? It’s here, and with it comes wonderful opportunities to build family connections while engaging your youngsters in healthy and entertaining activities.

There are many things to do at low or no cost—in fact, your options are limited only by your imagination. But in case you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, consider these:

  • Go for a hike (take along a guidebook on birds or plants to make it educational).
  • Take the kids on a picnic, and bring a Frisbee® or ball to toss around.
  • Fly a kite.
  • Go camping for a weekend and let your children experience the great outdoors in new ways.
  • No pool? No problem! Have a lawn sprinkler party on a hot day (don’t forget the water blasters and water balloons).
  • Hang a tire swing in your yard, and teach your kids some handy knots in the process.
  • Ride bikes together.
  • Organize a neighborhood scavenger hunt.
  • Take your kids bowling. Many bowling centers allow children under a certain age to bowl up to two free games each day during the summer. Check out to find a participating bowling alley, or call your local bowling center.
  • Encourage your children to consider joining a community sports league.

There are many fun pursuits to keep your children active this summer. Enjoy them together as a family and you’ll all gain the rewards.

Summer also brings on allergy season. Today, The  Morning Thing shared some ways that you can allergy-proof your home. Click HERE for some tips that you can try today.

Summer is a time to enjoy spending time together. Stay connected to great family-friendly events around our community. Follow the Big Blue crew all summer long. Click HERE to see our summer calendar. If an event is listed, it is safe for your family.

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