As Morning Show Hosts we are qualified to help you become a Morning Person

We get it. Mornings are hard. Trust us, we know.We’re there. It’s hard to get by working at 6:00am if you struggle in the morning. So we find our ways. For some of us it’s coffee, for some of us it’s food, for some of us a hot shower, and for others it’s sleeping in as late as possible. We all have our little tricks, but we’re also constantly looking for new ways to get better because, as I mentioned, mornings are HARD. It would be nice to have a Disney-esque wake up complete with melodic birds and charming little number where you sing about having a whole day of adventure and life ahead… instead of the harsh tone of the alarm clock pulling you from the sweet grasp of sleep into another bleak morning.

But it doesn’t have to be like that! There are other ways, and we want to help you with some advice that we found. Granted, it won’t be easy or immediate. But it will help. Here is the breakdown:

  1. Write down why you want to become a morning person.
  2. Choose a morning routine.
  3. Visualize your morning routine at night.
  4. Practice mindfulness.

You can find the detailed descriptions and instructions here. Here’s to happy mornings for you!

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