It’s PROM season! The Morning Thing has great advice for parents. 5/13/16

Can you believe that the average family spends $1,139 on prom?!
Prom has become the social highlight of the year for many Seniors.

Marcy and Aubrey shared a parent’s guide for high school prom. Moms and Dads – click HERE to find out how to survive this important event in your teen’s life. (We don’t support all material on this website. The tips for parents from Cheryl Butler, Mighty Mommy are good.)

We also shared some tips for Prom Safety. Click HERE and be ready to talk about staying safe on this important night.

To join in the celebration, Aubrey and Marcy wanted to share their Prom pictures. Aubrey went to Prom during her Senior Year (Class of 2013).
Marcy was lucky enough to attend Prom all four years of high school (1984 – 1987).
Enjoy this blast from the past!
Aubrey Prom 1Aubrey Prom 2Marcy prom pics


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