Celebrating volunteers, fighting allergy season and balancing our calendars – The Morning Thing 4/20/16

Today, The Morning Thing talked about several very different topics.


(Pictures of the Big Blue Crew volunteering during 2016 Lifeline On The Road)

Today, 4/20, is Volunteer Recognition Day! 

Volunteer Recognition Day honors the legions of volunteers who dedicate themselves to causes and helping others. They are making big and small differences in the lives of millions of people all over the world. They are saving lives. They are improving lives and providing comfort. They assist people, animals, and nature.

Most volunteers do not ask for recognition. They just want to  help and to “give back” where they can. Click HERE to find out more about Volunteer Recognition Day.

Celebrate this “Volunteer Recognition Day by:

  • Thanking volunteers for their work
  • Getting involved yourself in a volunteer activity.
  • Donating to a volunteer group



(Picture from www.webmd.com)

This is Allergy Season!  As it turns out, the pesky culprit triggering the stuffy nose and all of that sneezing might just be hiding in your home. Robin Wilson, TODAY lifestyle expert, recently shared 9 secret allergens that might be lurking in your home. Click HERE to see the list and find out how to get some relief for your allergy symptoms.


We also talked about balancing our calendars. Life can be overwhelming. Our schedules can become so full, that we fight to find balance for daily life. The website www.livingwellspendingless.com helped us take a look at some very important questions. Is my schedule really serving my needs? Am I making the most of my time? What am I doing that I shouldn’t be?  What am I doing that is adding stress but not adding value?  New York Times bestseller, Ruth Soukup, wrote a book called Unstuffed, declutter your home, mind and soul. Click HERE to see a list of 10 things you can take OFF your calendar!






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