The Morning Thing Fave 5 for 4/15/16 – PRIZES!

The Morning Thing

It has been “Winners Week” on The Morning Thing. We have given away concert tickets, play tickets and tickets to see “This is WinterJam” – the movie!
So, we decided to share our 5 favorite winning experiences.

Here’s a list of our 5 favorite prizes:
1. Aubrey Bailey says that this is a hard question! She decided to take the direction of winning by luck, which was difficult, because Aubrey says that she is not the “luckiest” person. She usually doesn’t win drawings or contests. BUT once she was at a school fun fair at her brother’s elementary school, and shewas participating in a cake walk (which was a game where they would draw numbers, and if your number was called, you got to pick a dessert from the dessert table.) and THEY CALLED HER NUMBER! She WON A BOSTON CREAM PIE! This was probably four or five years ago, but it was great to win a pie. 

2. Wesley Boston went to the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in 2015 and won first place in the audio short form  feature category. He received a trophy, a travel stipend, and a cash reward, not to mention a sense of personal pride. Wesley wrote and produced an audio drama that featured 2 young characters using a time machine that allowed them to travel to experience their favorite bible stories.

3. Jenna Potts won a bright red record player at the Momentum conference in 2014! This was the first and only thing Jenna has ever won. Unfortunately, a week after she won, she received an email that said the record player was meant to be a prize giveaway on the station. So, Marcy took the record player and locked it away in a closet. It was a very traumatic experience and Jenna consistently questions Marcy about receiving the record player after graduation!

4. Marcy Rinehart won an all expense paid trip to the movie set of Courageous! This was such an amazing experience because Joe and Rachel were able to come too. The Rineharts spent 3 days on the set in Albany, Georgia. Here is a link to the blogs that Marcy wrote about this once in a lifetime experience.

5. We have given out hundreds of prizes on our show, but our favorite contest was the “Feel It, Film It” contest to win tickets to see TobyMac in concert. Our listeners created videos in October 2015 featuring Toby’s song “Feel It”. All The Morning Thing hosts had a chance to judge these entries. It was SO much fun to see our listeners creating memories as they enjoyed the music we play on WNZR.


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