Bodybuilding Legend Joe Weider’s Qualities of Leadership and Ways to become more confident-Tools you can use to help yourself!

This is not me. This is bodybuilding legend Joe Weider. This guy not only trained to become the buff mass of muscle that you see in the picture, he also was a successful entrepreneur who co-founded the International Federation of Bodybuilders and published several magazines. There are more accomplishments that could be listed, but they would just reiterate the fact that Joe Weider knew something about discipline, leadership, and applying one’s self. Fortunately, Joe also had a heart for encouraging others to live up to their potential and giving them advice. He published a series of pamphlets and articles about multiple topics and today on the Morning Thing we shared one about qualities of leadership.

Why is this important? Because each one of us will have to be a leader at some point. Yes, there are times to be lead and to be taught, but we are not meant to be one of the herd all the time. Part of being a mature adult is to take charge and be responsible sometimes. Not to mention that working on self-confidence and self-reliance are important for doing well at multiple areas in life. Joe Weider had some awesome thoughts that are worth checking out. You can find them here.

Branching off from  Weider’s leadership qualities we took a look at how to increase confidence. It’s important to believe in yourself and take risks. broke things down with some very simple steps for how to work on building that confidence. You can find that here.

So more power to you! Remember what Casting Crowns says- we were made to do more than just survive, we were made to thrive! Building confidence and leadership qualities are a way to do that!


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