The Morning Thing Fave 5 – our favorite Easter candy!


The Morning Thing Fave 5 for this week  — Our Favorite Easter Candy!

1. Wesley loves Starbursts jelly beans! They have a fruity strong flavor that is delicious  and unique!

2. Aubrey loves the mini Cadbury creme eggs. Not the normal ones, they have too much creme for Aubrey. But the mini ones have the perfect ratio!

3. As a huge peanut butter fan Jenna loves the Reese’s eggs. They taste a little different than the typical Reese’ because they have more peanut butter in them!

4. Marcy loves Peeps! She is excited about the new flavors including bubble gum, strawberry delight, sweet lemonade, blue raspberry, sour watermelon, party cake and the mystery flavor packages.

5. Of course you cannot forget chocolate! Sometimes all you need is big chocolate bunny and a tall glass of milk!

Grab a treat and celebrate Easter with The Morning Thing!

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