Jobs for College Students and Lifeline from Years Past – The Morning Thing 3/16/16

While attending college its important to focus on academics but the stress of finances often distracts students from that goal. Finding a side job with flexible hours is very important for most students as they begin their college career. Not only will it help financially but college jobs look great on a resume! We found an article that lists on-campus and off-campus jobs students can look into.So, if your student is preparing to head off to school or has already left the house, check out this article of 10 side jobs for college students HERE!

Plus, today was Way Back Wednesday on The Morning Thing! Jenna and Wesley reminisced, looking back through Lifeline in years past. We explored the amazing themes and played the inspirational songs from previous years. Starting in 1997 with Wayne Watson’s Field of Souls and ending with  ??  Here is our morning playlist of past Lifelines to kick off your Wednesday.

1997 – Field of Souls by Wayne Watson
1998 – Faith of a Little Seed by Big Tent Revival
1999- Testify to Love by
2000- Dive by Steven Curtis Chapman
2001- Revive Us by
2002- Forever by Christ Tomlin
2003- We Can Make a Difference by Jackie Vel

Don’t forget! Lifeline 2016 is just around the corner! Our theme this year is Build Your Kingdom Here, inspired by Rend Collective’s uplifting song. For more information head over to our website HERE!



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