What does the bible say about laughter? The Morning Thing 3/11/16

Rachel Rinehart Age 16 2014

So, what does the bible say about laughter? Laughing is an amazing gift from God. It helps you cope with sadness and everyday life. Laughter is powerful medicine too! It has been proven to lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormones.

Click HERE to read more about the health benefits of laughter.

Click HERE to see a list of bible verses that tell us about God’s plan for laughter in our lives.

So the bible shows us that laughter was part of God’s plan for a healthy life. We know that is will help us physically, emotionally and spiritually. So LAUGH TODAY!

For today’s Morning Thing Fave 5, Marcy picked her 5 favorite comedians. Click on their name and watch a short clip from one of their routines. LOL!! HA!! 🙂Chonda-Pierce-tickets-Silsbee-Tx

Chonda Pierce


Anita Renfroe


Michael Jr.


Brad Stine

brian regan

Brian Regan (not faith-based comedian)






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