Celebrating Cereal and YOU today! The Morning Thing 3/7/16


It is National Cereal Day!
Did you know??
– Of the more than 314 million people in the U.S., 49 per cent start their day with a bowl of cereal.
– Astronauts from Apollo 11 boosted their brain power while in space with a cereal breakfast. The cereal was mixed with fruit and pressed into cubes since the lack of gravity kept the astronauts from pouring it into a bowl with milk.
– There are 2.7 billion boxes — enough to wrap around the earth thirteen times — of cereal sold every year.
Click HERE to find more interesting facts about cereal.
If you post or tweet about cereal today, please use #CerealDay #NationalCerealDay

We also talked about your smart phone battery this morning. Click HERE for 5 easy steps on how to make your phone battery last longer.

The Morning Thing also shared an update on business.
QVC and The Today Show have partnered together to find the “Next Big Thing”. They are looking for creative inventions. Finalists will be selected to come pitch their product live on TODAY during the week of April 18 to a panel of judges, then viewers will get to vote for their favorite. The three products with the highest votes in their categories will return to TODAY, where the panel of judges will select a winner. The winning inventor will get to sell his or her product on QVC on April 23. Click HERE for more details.

Fast food chain Chick-fil-A is encouraging customers to ditch their smartphones during dinner, even placing boxes called “cell phone coops” on the tables at some of its locations. The point is to get people to talk to each other instead of texting or scrolling through social media. Click HERE for more details and how you can get ice cream if you are successful with the challenge!

Target is spreading the news of the #NOFOMO campaign, which has women sharing their swimsuit selfies online, as part of an effort to encourage body positivity. The company said the campaign is “all about shaking off body insecurities and not letting anything get in the way of having fun in our swimsuits.” Click HERE for more details.




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