Happy LEAP Day from The Morning Thing 2/29/16


It’s LEAP DAY! This special day only happens every 4 years. Do you know why we have a Leap Day? Click HERE for the real reason 2/29 is here.

There are some other great events that happen every 4 years.
The OLYMPICS! Click HERE to find out more about the summer Olympics coming to Rio!
The Presidential Election also happens every 4 years. Tomorrow (3/1/16) is Super Tuesday. Click HERE for more information on who will be voting and how those votes will impact the presidential nominees.
A total solar eclipse also happens every 4 years. Click HERE to see where the eclipse will be visible (NOT in Ohio unfortunately).

We also talked about the brain and brain drain from fuzzy thinking to memory lags. Recent surveys say that 1 in 8 baby boomers has memory lapses, at least once in a while.While some causes of memory loss are genetic, it’s never too early or too late to build a bigger, more nimble brain and postpone memory loss by a decade or far more.

Brain scientists love to say that the brain is “plastic,” which means it’s flexible and capable of growing new cells and making strong new connections between them, at any age. That means brain-friendly lifestyle changes can help protect you from developing memory problems. And giving your gray matter a little extra love after you notice moments of less-than-perfect recall will help you, too.
Click HERE for 9 lifestyle upgrades that can help your brain.




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