Wake Up (and warm up) with The Morning Thing! 2/24/16


Living in Ohio, you never know what the weather will decide to do. Yesterday, the temperatures were in the 50s with sunshine, a monsoon today, and tomorrow…a winter wonderland.

But don’t worry! Here on The Morning Thing, we are talking about 50 things you can do when it’s cold outside. We will help prepare you for tomorrow’s weather — but, who knows, it may be sunny with a high of 65 tomorrow. Ah, Ohio.

You can find the complete list of ideas of how to survive boredom in the frigid temperatures here.

Some of the things to do when it’s cold outside include:

  • Watch a movie. Pick something interesting and watch it curled up under a blanket.


Wouldn’t this be an awesome place for movie watching during the winter months?

  • View Old family pictures. View pictures of your children, nephews, and nieces or pictures of your parents when they were growing up.


NOSTALGIA! Always nice on a cold day.

  • Start a crochet or knitting project. If you’re not sure how to crochet or knit, there are many easy alternatives! You can find those here and here.


If I owned a blanket like this, I don’t think I would ever leave the couch. Anna Mo, a crafty woman from Ukraine, creates super chunky blankets like this and other home goods in a range of beautiful colors. I just like to look at them. You can take a look here.

Stay warm and be safe out there in the arctic tundra! – Aubrey


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