Name That Movie – The Morning Thing 2/18/16

GAME WEEK continues on The Morning Thing.
Today (2/18/16), we played “Name That Movie”.
We gave several of our staff members the challenge to voice lines from a movie.
See if you can guess the movie, once you hear their interpretation of some pretty famous characters. 🙂 HAVE FUN!

150625-WNZR Headshots 2015-21

Click HERE to hear Jenna Potts.

150625-WNZR Headshots 2015-41

Click HERE to hear Faith Orecchio.

150625-WNZR Headshots 2015-29

Click HERE to hear Joe Rinehart.

150625-WNZR Headshots 2015-5

Click HERE to hear Jessica Wells.

160126-Daniel Monnin

Click HERE to hear Dan Monnin.


Click HERE to hear Eddie Dilts.





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