Spaulding and Sports – The Morning Thing 2/5/16

super bowl 50
The Morning Thing crew LOVES Fridays! 
On today’s show, we talked about the BIG GAME coming up on Sunday.
Yes, it is the Super Bowl, but did you know that those two words are under copyright restrictions? Click HERE to read more about who can and can not use these words.
Click HERE to find out about this year’s halftime show.
SPOILER ALERT – click HERE to see some of this year’s commercials. (Only if you want to see them now instead of on Sunday during the BIG GAME).

We found a fun quiz from The Washington Post that can add some fun to your party. Click HERE for a Fact or Fiction quiz about the BIG Game.
(Super Bowl 50 picture from

henry spaulding

We also talked with Dr. Henry Spaulding for the February MVNU Presidential Update.
Click HERE to hear our conversation about the changes in the MVNU calendar, the opening of the Mount Vernon Grand Hotel and his plans for Valentine’s Day.


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