Being Photogenic- Tips and Tricks to make your photos look better.


Even before the invention of the camera people were obsessed with looking their best in lasting images. Hence the extravagant oil paintings that over exaggerated the good qualities of the individual. Today, more than ever, we have the opportunity to have our photos taken and be seen by who knows how many people. Thank you internet for putting so much pressure on us to look good! (That’s sarcasm, internet. We’re not grateful.)

Well you can relax because we are here to take the pressure off of you. That’s right, we can help you naturally look more photogenic. How you ask? With some handy tips and tricks, of course! They are simple guidelines to follow to make sure that you always look your best. You can check out the entire list, with explanations as to why they work, here. As you can see above, angles, expressions, and more really can make a change. So try these tips out!

We also shared some tips not just for looking good, but also for staying warm. Yes, it is winter- despite yesterday’s 60 degree evidence to the contrary. With winter comes the challenge of keeping your house effectively sealed so that the cold air stays out and the warm air stays in. You can get the whole scoop here.


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