It is International HAVE FUN at work day! The Morning Thing 1/29/16


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Join The Morning Thing today and celebrate “International FUN at work Day”! 
The last Friday every January gives you a reason to add FUN to work.

Click HERE for 13 great tips on creating a FUN workplace.

Click HERE for more steps on how to have fun at work.

The Morning Thing Fave 5 this week remembers 5 FUN times at WNZR:
1. Marcy Rinehart has spent 20 years serving as WNZR Station Manager. It is difficult to pick just 1 FUN memory. There are SO many. She does remember a special scavenger hunt that happened last June when the WNZR student leadership team gathered for the annual planning/spiritual retreat. This hunt had 4 teams traveling all over town searching for crazy photos and videos. The entire team spent the evening laughing (and bonding).
2. Jenna Potts loves the week of Lifeline. She loves getting to know staff members that she doesn’t work with every day. She also loves being together as a staff for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the fun conversations that always happen around the conference room (dinner) table.
3. Aubrey Bailey’s favorite fun memory is getting to hang out with other WNZR DJs, having dinner, laughing and praying for Lifeline 2016. She is looking forward to meeting every Thursday night for the next few months.
4. Wesley Boston’s favorite fun memory was when he represented WNZR at the Alive Festival after his freshman year at MVNU. He slept outside in a tent, went 3 days without a shower, but saw a lineup of amazing artists and met some amazing people.
5. Joe Rinehart and Jessica Wells were guest co-hosts on The Morning Thing on Monday. They love to have fun outside the studio. They always have fun on WNZR Video shoots (especially when the camera unintentionally discovers a coach picking his now – a coach from the opposing team). 🙂



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