Great trip ideas and crockpot recipes – The Morning Thing 1/22/16

New Zealand

Are you looking for a perfect vacation spot for 2016?

Click HERE to see a list of the 2016 best solo trips from
The Morning Thing team thinks this list includes great spots for anyone, including families. We would all LOVE to go to New Zealand.

MT Fave 5 for the week of January 18th
As winter weather continues to hit us, we are finding that we are spending more time thinking about vacation.

Here are our 5 favorite vacation destinations:

  1. DisneyWorld! Orlando, Florida is the ultimate location for family fun and great for kids of all ages.
  2. Washington D.C. – there are SO many things to do and places to go. Look for the “free” museums and make sure to visit all the memorials and the National Mall.
  3. New York City – AMAZING! This is the city that never sleeps. Take in a Broadway play, visit Rockefeller Center and see the Statue of Liberty. Save some money before you go, because everything is expensive.
  4. Grand Canyon. Wesley Boston says that the first view of the canyon is breathtaking. It seems to go on forever because you can’t see the other side. This is on the vacation bucket list for Marcy Rinehart, Aubrey Bailey and Jenna Potts.
  5. The Beach. Good ones include: St. Augustine, Florida; Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head, South Carolina; and Daytona Beach, Florida.

We know that most of us will not be hopping on a plane this weekend to head to an exotic vacation destination. 🙂 (We can dream, right?!)
So, to get you ready for another wintery Ohio weekend, we shared some yummy crock-pot soup recipes. Click HERE for a comforting recipe to try this weekend.
beef stew

Marcy loves this recipe for beef stew, click HERE.
Jenna wants to try this recipe for potato soup, click HERE.
Click HERE for a Taco Soup recipe. This one is sure to add a little heat to your winter nights.

Stay WARM and SAFE this weekend!

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