Its National DJ Day!

Today is a special day for WNZR! Its our Holiday! Throughout the show we celebrated National Disc Jockey Day!

Plus, we looked a the Flavor Forecast. Looking ahead we expect to see slight chance of spicy dishes with a high of Matcha. We also have a 50% chance of Amaranth. To see the complete flavor forecast CLICK HERE.

For National DJ Day we celebrate those who play recorded music on the radio and at events. From weddings, birthday parties, church youth events, retirement celebrations, car rides and so much more, DJs are a part of every aspect of our lives! We talked to some of our staff at WNZR to find out why they love being a DJ and to hear their favorite memories!


    Click HERE to listen to Joe’s experience as a DJ!


Aubrey shares her favorite memory as DJ at WNZR HERE.


Listen to Miriam’s favorite part of being a DJ HERE.


Rachel Radcliff shares her favorite memory as a DJ HERE.


Click HERE for Mariah Powell’s experience as a DJ!






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