What in the World is Epiphany?

Today is January 6th, the official date of the Christian Holiday of Epiphany. Compared to its older brother Christmas though, Epiphany tends to get overlooked. It’s an important day though. It wraps up the Christmas season, welcomes in the Carnival season (that sounds fun, right?), and it commemorates to very important points in Jesus’ life: The visit of the Wise Men and His Baptism.

As we shared on the show today, while Christmas and Easter represent the two major events of Christ’s life that have an impact on us as Christians it is still important that we don’t forget the ones in between His Birth and Death. That’s why we encourage you to check out the information here that we talked about this morning to learn all about Epiphany. And maybe you and I could even read the stories of the Magi’s visit and Jesus’ Baptism to remind us of their importance and see what God would share with us through those portions of the Bible.

And since it is Epiphany that means it is time to talk about a subject that is approached with mixed feelings…. Taking down the Christmas decorations.

Maybe you just breathed a sigh of relief and exclaimed, “Finally!” with a single tear of joy running down your face. Or maybe they were tears of sorrow accompanied by a cry of “No! Do we have to?” Whichever camp you are in, it’s a discussion worth having. Contrary to what my girlfriend would wish to believe, you can’t have the Christmas tree and lights up year round. So we have a couple of guides for you. One based on superstition, one based on religious observance, and one based on organization.

Whichever decoration camp you are in we hope that you had a fantastic Christmas and that as the year you are ushering in by taking down those decorations will be a great one! Happy New Year!


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