Its WinterJam Week! Day 4 – Joel Smallbone (for King and Country)

Today we wrapped up our WinterJam week by talking to the headliner, for King and Country!

Joel Smallbone, one of the brothers who founded the band, gave us  an inside look at the band’s approach to designing and planning their shows. Plus, Joel tells us why he is willing to risk his life at each performance by climbing ladders and jumping off the highest piece of equipment. For King and Country  is also making a movie and Joel tells us all about it!

If you missed our conversation with Joel you can listen to it HERE!


Its the last day of 2015…. HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE!!!

To help you bring in the new year in style, we found a couple recipes that are sure to be a hit a your holiday get-together! Check out the following links for the complete recipes!

Spinach Artichoke Dip
Salted Caramel Brownies

Tomorrow, join WNZR to bring in the new year by looking back at some of the best songs from this year. Jenna and Wesley will share WNZR’s Top 30 Songs of 2015.


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