Its WinterJam Week! Day 3 – Crowder and Matthew West


e9d5d7b8f0b9ffffe0d788fa89cf8590.jpgToday we continued our conversations with the artists traveling on the spectacular WinterJam 2016 tour! After hearing from Michael Cleveland of Stars Go Dim on Monday, Matt Butler of Newsong and Lauren Daigle on Tuesday, we talked to Crowder and Matthew West during today’s show!

Crowder talked about his debut album as a solo artist, Neon Steeple, and what we can expect to see from him this year. David Crowder also shared his excitement and expectations for the 2016 WinterJam tour! To hear our whole conversation, click HERE!

Matthew West shared some of his family’s Christmas traditions. He also gave us some insight into his newest album Grace Wins and the uplifting song that titled the album. Plus, don’t miss Matthew’s perspective of WinterJam 2016, HERE!

From Crowder’s front porch jam sessions to Matthew West’s upbeat and inspirational music WinterJam 2016 is going to be a year to remember! For more information you can check out their official website,

You will definitely want to tune in for tomorrow’s show as we feature the headliner for this year’s tour, for King and Country! We will share our conversation with Joel Smallbone one of the brothers who started the band.


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