Need a Gift Idea? How About Delicious Treats?

malted milk bars

One of the hardest tasks during the Christmas season can be finding the right gift for someone, especially someone who you might not know very well. Maybe it’s a coworker or your boss, maybe it’s your child’s teacher, maybe it’s even a relative- whoever it is, you don’t want to get them an impersonal gift card but what can you do that shows a little effort?

The fix is simple- bake them something delicious! That’s right, put a little effort into a nice holiday food gift. There are all kind of options- from the sweet to the salty; from the solid to the snack. And maybe you don’t need the gift help, but if you have a Christmas party that you need to provide for maybe you could use some help finding a good alternative to another plate of Christmas cookies. Whatever your reason, you can find a whole bunch of ideas here. And maybe if you want someone to test out the recipe on before you give it away you can find a radio DJ to help you out… hint hint.



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