The Morning Thing’s favorite Thanksgiving foods plus a virtual tour of the Mount Vernon Grand Hotel 11/20/15


Today, The Morning Thing hosts shared their 5 favorite foods for Thanksgiving. 
1. Click HERE to hear what Jenna Potts loves to eat on Turkey Day.
2. Click HERE to find out the favorite food from Aubrey Bailey.
3. Click HERE to hear the favorite from Wesley Boston.
4. Click HERE to hear from Marcy Rinehart
5. Our 5th favorite food for Thanksgiving HAS to be dessert.
Jenna loves strawberry pretzel salad – a family tradition. Click HERE for the recipe.
Aubrey loves pumpkin rolls .
Wesley loves his Grandma’s shortbread cookies shaped like turkeys. Marcy loves pie! Her Father-in-law makes a great pumpkin pie. Her Mom makes an amazing pecan pie.

Mount Vernon Grand Hotel

Today, The Morning Thing also talked with Janis Seavolt, Mount Vernon City Council Member, about the Mount Vernon Grand Hotel. Janis took us on a virtual tour of this new building in downtown Mount Vernon.
Click HERE to hear the conversation.


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